Trendy rickshaws (three-wheelers) have become the latest popular mode of transportation in Lusail City, ferrying people between Place Vendome, Lusail Marina Food Arena and Katara Towers.
An employee told the Gulf Times that at least five electric rickshaws have been operating since July between the three destinations and are usually stationed at the I Love Lusail statue, the Food Arena and Place Vendome.
Operating from 7pm to 3am daily, he said the demand for rickshaw rides continues to rise, especially during the weekend, when families and children like to roam around the area.
The environment-friendly e-rickshaws, which can also be operated manually by pedalling, run at speeds between 15kmph and 23kmph. They provide an opportunity for visitors to explore the three popular sites conveniently.
A 15-20 minute ride costs QR60, it was learnt. Each rickshaw can seat up to four people, including the driver.

"We try not to be go fast for the safety of everyone as there are also a lot people along the way, and we want them to enjoy the ride," said a driver.
At least two rickshaws stay at Place Vendome station, another two at the Food Arena, and one at the I Love Lusail 'station' - they can also be used for any emergencies.
With a six-hour charge, a rickshaw can run for at least seven hours, but "most of the time," the driver said, " we only charge it for an hour or two because we have too many customers."
Passengers, the driver noted, have been enjoying the rides, which also allow them to relax, listen to Qatari music and take pictures of the beautiful scenery.
Some visitors hope that the number of environment-friendly vehicles like rickshaws will increase in Qatar particularly, in the run-up to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, providing a convenient service to more people who want to visit places and boosting the country's tourism, food & beverage, and retail sectors.
The demand for such modes of transportation is expected to further increase during the colder months, attracting local and international visitors.
An employee of a food outlet at the Lusail Marina Food Arena said they saw that many of their customers took a rickshaw ride from Place Vendome.
"With these rickshaws, we expect the number of customers to increase more in the coming weeks once the temperatures start to go down. We have seen that a lot of people love to roam around in these vehicles, which we really find very attractive," she added.
A 15-20 minute ride costs QR60, it was learnt. Each rickshaw can seat up to four people, including the driver.
With Lusail emerging as a tourism hotspot in Qatar with various attractions, this new mode of transportation is expected to draw more crowds in the coming days - giving people one more reason to visit the place.