National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) is to organise the first national forum on human rights on Sept 12-13.
NHRC said in a statement on Sunday that it will focus on the role of law enforcement agencies in protecting human rights during FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, with the participation of a wide array of competent authorities that will include the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Sports and Youth and UN Human Rights Training and Documentation Centre.
It said the forum intends to promote awareness on the importance of approaching human rights in the work of law enforcement agencies within the framework of the national performance undertaken to provide the components for the essential success of World Cup 2022 to ensure a civilised and secure tournament.
HE the Chairman of NHRC Maryam bint Abdullah al-Attiyah emphasised that the forum acquires utmost importance as it comes within the framework of the preparations made to organise World Cup Qatar, which she confirmed, is the a historic event and represents first global Mondial to be held in the Arab region and middle east, noting the synergetic efforts of the whole spectrum of the society, whether individuals, groups or institutions for the sake of achieving groundbreaking and distinctive experience that crucially demonstrates the soft power of Qatar in the sporting field and renaissance, including the provision of the necessary infrastructure assets to hold this global football tournament.
She pointed out that the forum has inherent positive indications that manifestly reflect the keenness of NHRC to ensure human rights respect and observing their national and international standards in the context of the preparations and arrangements that have been set for the Mondial, in addition to the development of national dialogue platform with the entire competent authorities in Qatar, including law enforcement agencies in order to work together for the success of this global tournament through pursuing a human rights approach, which is held in the context of the effective and fruitful partnership between NHRC and Human Rights Department at Ministry of Interior.
It is in implementation of the MoU signed between the two parties in 2017, as well as the privacy of the role undertaken by the assigned law enforcement personnel (police members) in providing the security requirements for this tournament during the whole period of the Mondial, and the sensitivity of their responsibility in carrying out this mission based on the legitimacy principle and human rights values, as those security personnel constitute the primary line in dealing with the Mondial fans with the requirement of legal, behavioral and professional skills coupled with moral and ethical fitness, as well as social and cultural intelligence with the highest level.
She asserted that the forum will essentially raise the awareness of the Qatari community in general, and those operating in law enforcement agencies in particular, on the importance of right to sports as one of the key human rights pillar, including its role in promoting human dignity, tolerance values and international solidarity.
Likewise, NHRC clarified in its statement that the two-day forum will discuss the objective and human imperatives that set the sports within human rights system as a creative human activity and further explore the extent of how the right to sports helps promoting human rights.
The forum will further discuss the fundamental features of the preventive awareness efforts within this framework that can be carried out by the concerned security agencies, Media institutions and Qatari intellectual elites from opinion leaders.

The forum represents an occasion to further inspect the preparations made by public and private institutions to be evaluated, including law enforcement agencies, in organising FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and the latest degree of readiness to handle emerging security challenges when preparing to host the global event, from human rights perspective.
The forum is will seek to learn lessons from previous experiences hosting major sporting events, particularly with respect to the prediction of the potential human rights violations and setting the essential plans required to proactively monitor and prevent them, as well as the anticipated recommendations and proposals from this forum that would prompt the success of Mondial and the sports movement in Qatar stemming from the existing human rights approach.(QNA)
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