Qatar University (QU) announced Sunday that nearly 4,700 undergraduate (male and female) students have been accepted for the Fall 2022 semester, noting that the percentage of Qatari students reached 70% of the total applicants.
Vice-President of Qatar University for Student Affairs Dr Eman Mostafavi explained that the new applicants, including those who have been transferred to QU from other universities and applicants for the second bachelor's degree, visiting students and course students, can have a glimpse of the admission's decisions set forth in their electronic admission accounts via the university's website.
Dr Mostafavi added that QU's Admissions Department has notified all the applicants of the date of the decisions announcement via e-mails and short SMS, pointing out that admission to QU is essentially based on the contest principle between the applicants, emphasising that the fulfilment of the minimum requirements of study does not necessarily mean that the student's admission has been fully accepted, but students can be accepted in each semester based on the capacity of each college separately.
She asserted that students who have never obtained the opportunity of being admitted to the Fall 2022 semester can further apply for the upcoming semester in the spring of 2023, calling on the students to capitalise on the educational and non-educational opportunities, in addition to the potentials and the sources available in campus that would essentially develop their skills and capabilities and undergird their academic excellence to be key actors in the service of their community and country.
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