LuLu Group’s various sustainability initiatives in Qatar in the last two decades have been recognised during Sunday’s 10th anniversary celebration of the National Programme for Conservation and Energy Efficiency (Tarsheed).
The Tarsheed awards feted exceptional companies and institutions in Qatar that achieved the targeted water and electricity consumption goals in an effort to preserve the environment and the country’s natural resources.

Dr Althaf with LuLu Hypermarket Qatar regional director Shaijan M O and regional manager Shanavas P M.

LuLu Group International director Dr Mohamed Althaf received the “Tarsheed Award for Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in the Commercial Sector” from HE the Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz al-Thani during the event.
In a statement to Gulf Times, Dr Althaf noted that the LuLu Group was recognised in the “Tarsheed Conserving Building Competition” category for its excellence in the field of energy conservation and other related programmes during the event, which was organised by the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa) under the theme *Towards Sustainability and Energy Efficiency.
“LuLu Group is proud to be the only private sector business in Qatar to achieve the targeted reduction of resource consumption,” the official said. “LuLu Group is very proud of winning this prestigious award, which shows our commitment and dedication to reducing electricity and water consumption throughout our business operation chain.”
“It was very impressive and a special moment for me to receive the award from HE the Prime Minister,” said Dr Althaf, who noted that the LuLu Group adopted a slew of smart technologies throughout its facilities, greatly reducing electricity and water consumption.
He explained that LuLu’s efforts in reducing electricity and water consumption were made possible by a combination of smart technologies, introduction of best scientific practices and training, rigorous monitoring, and auditing by third party organisations like the Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD).
“The award is a recognition of our commitment to the circular economy,” Dr Althaf said. “It is also a culmination of LuLu Group’s accelerated efforts to reduce carbon emission to 50% by 2030, and to achieve zero carbon footprint by 2045.”
“LuLu Group has framed its own strategy on sustainability, which is put into practice in all its retail units and supply chains worldwide,” he continued. “LuLu is deeply committed to reducing its impact on the environment and taking real and lasting steps to ensure this.”
“As part of our commitment to Qatar National Vision 2030, we have been actively working to reduce carbon emissions, reduce food waste, and promote healthy eating,” Dr Althaf said.
Aside from the Tarsheed award, the LuLu Group has also received the Sustainability Award 2019 at the Qatar Sustainability Summit.
Dr Althaf said that the group is active in promoting environment-friendly practices in its operations and at its 18 stores in Qatar, as well as in the community.
“LuLu Hypermarket in Qatar has become one of the first retailers in Mena (Middle East and North Africa) to achieve sustainable operations certification under the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) from GORD,” he pointed out.
Alongside its “GSAS-Op Certification”, LuLu Hypermarket in Qatar installed a Building Management System to efficiently manage assets associated with the building’s ventilation and lighting.
The hypermarket has also installed the cloud-based Honeywell Forge Energy Optimisation system to efficiently manage and optimise the energy used during the operations.
The use of LED (light emitting diode) is being encouraged for LuLu’s upcoming projects and existing projects, which are being gradually shifted to LED from conventional lights.
Light control systems assisted with motion sensors are being considered to optimise the use of energy, especially in warehouse operations.
LuLu also introduced energy-efficient chillers in its operations to optimise the use of energy and increase cooling efficiency.
New projects are being encouraged to use the double flush system to reduce water usage.
Outlets are being encouraged to segregate operational waste for easy disposal and collection.
Three-compartment bins are placed in all general areas to encourage customers on waste segregation.
Food waste digesters are also being used to efficiently manage food waste generated in the operation.
An innovative food waste solution called “ORCA” recycles food waste by breaking it down into water (mainly) and some carbs, fats, and proteins, which are then captured or repurposed.
This is currently being trialled at LuLu’s Bin Mahmoud store.
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