Poland on Monday said Qatar has become its “very important and close partner” as it finds immense cooperation opportunities in new sectors such as aviation, ICT (information, communication and technology), research and development and innovation.
The Polish companies are open to explore joint venture possibilities with the Qatari counterparts, considering that Doha has become the regional hub for technology and innovation.
“Qatar has become a very important and close partner for Poland in the field of economic co-operation,” and both the countries could mutually benefit, Polish ambassador Janusz Janke yesterday told Qatar-Poland New Tech Forum, jointly organised by the Embassy of Poland and Qatar-Poland Business Council.
The growing interest of Polish companies in Qatar, he said, can be gauged from the response of the participants of the forum, its third edition. As many as 20 companies of varying sizes across different sectors participated in the forum, which seeks to be the bridge between the corporate sectors of both the countries.
The Polish envoy said the endeavour is to find new ways and means to enhance the economic relations between the two countries.
According to reports, Polish exports to Qatar amounted to about $200mn in 2020; while Qatari exports to Poland was more than $500mn during the same period.
Poland is a leader in new technology research and development. Its economy is one of the most diversified within the European Union. Several cutting-edge technologies were showcased at the event that saw participation from Polish technology companies in digital health, cloud services, cybersecurity and fintech.
“Our economies are complementary, which opens up opportunities in new sectors for Poland such as ICT, research and development, innovation and aviation,” he said.
“Today, new technologies are the base of success for different sectors,” he said, adding the ICT sector is growing rapidly in both Poland and Qatar. The ICT sector constitutes 8% of Poland’s gross domestic product and employs more than 250,000 people, he added.
“As Poland is seen to be the gateway for the single European market, Qatar can provide access to the Polish companies into Asia and Africa, he said, adding “we seek to develop new ties.
Daniel Dybala, president, Qatar-Poland Business Council, told Gulf Times that Qatar is an exciting country to do business with.
Being the hub in the region, Qatar itself gives a lot of focus on technology and innovation. The same is true for Poland, which has grown to be a regional leader in the central Europe, he said.
“We know there are lot opportunities for co-operation between Polish and Qatari businesses,” he said.
Asked whether the Polish companies are seeking joint ventures with the Qatari counterparts; Dybala said lot many possibilities exist.
“We are an open platform registered in the Qatar Financial Centre with an aim to connect Poland with Qatar,” he said about Qatar-Poland Business Council, whose aim is to support Polish/EU investments in Qatar and Qatari investments in Poland, and the development of commercial, scientific and institutional cooperation between the two countries.
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