UAE banker flies in to Doha to attend HEC Paris EMBA
May 26 2022 11:27 PM
Maadhavi Bhhatia.
Maadhavi Bhhatia.

Maadhavi Bhhatia, who flies in from the UAE to Doha regularly to attend Executive MBA (EMBA) with HEC Paris in Qatar, says that executive education can future proof careers.
Bhhatia, vice president governance, Group Compliance Division the UAE’s First Abu Dhabi Bank, the largest bank in the Emirates, is also the holder of a bachelor’s degree of Business Administration in International Banking and began her Executive MBA studies with HEC Paris in Qatar recently.
Abu Dhabi-based Indian national Bhhatia feels that executive learning is now essential for preparing business leaders for post pandemic personal and professional challenges.
“Today, professionals from all disciplines seek to attain extensive knowledge, whether a training certification, diploma or on programs such as the Executive MBA I am pursuing with HEC Paris in Qatar. This executive education can enhance personal leadership attributes, and foster skills in understanding various aspects of business and the implementation of that learning. The skills I learn from my EMBA programme professors will hopefully enable me to be ready for the jobs of the future within the banking sector,” Bbhatia, said.
Bhhatia is of the view that given current global uncertainties due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is becoming imperative for leaders to acquire niche skills. “Rapid globalisation and technological disruptions are playing an essential part in the creation of new jobs that require advanced managerial and technical skills. Today’s leaders should attain the right skills to lead a business unit - this is a need of the hour,” she explained.
“The HEC programme has been ranked #1 as per the FT Ranking 2021. I also know that more CEOs of Fortune Global 500 companies have graduated from HEC Paris than any other university in Europe. I took this as an opportunity to connect with HEC Paris’s diverse and global alumni network along to enhance my personal skills,” highlighted, Bbhatia.
She also said that Qatar’s proximity to Abu Dhabi was a consideration for choosing the campus here. “However, after researching all the personal and professional factors and my ambitions, it only made sense to pursue my studies at HEC Paris in Qatar,” she stated.
“I have several goals. I want to gain global insights on business, to expand my ability to be a ‘Leader with Purpose,’ and to be a role model for other professionals by promoting a ‘Learn Everyday’ message,” she continued.
She stressed : “I believe that by attending an EMBA Programme with a strong and recognised university I will elevate my career progression and expand my horizons within my existing scope of work. The soft leadership skills I acquire will enable me to be a better leader within my present organisation so my employer certainly indirectly benefits.”
“I greatly look forward to networking with past alumni and draw inspiration from their growth stories to write my own progress. I also would like to inspire future leaders by sharing my success with them. Professionally, I can connect with members in the international financial industry to gain practical knowledge from their past experiences,” added, Bhhatia.

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