Monan Jewellery presented the Another World and Secret Garden collections at the Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition, which concluded yesterday at Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre.
Monan was present in the Alfardan pavilion at DJWE 2022.
In a press statement, Monan said: “Monan Jewellery is a positive environmental activist: we have created the Another World project to draw attention to all living beings we have failed to respect, and especially to species whose lives have been endangered because of human acts.”

Monan Diamond Horse Ring from the Another World Collection
“Another World is a fantastic Monan dream, a place reserved for animals forced to leave this world because of humans. Here, elephants are no longer the elephants we know, they now fly. Giraffes swim in the sea, while pandas live in cold climates. And they are very happy. ‘What if animals had the chance to live in this world, with us respecting them?’ - was the question we asked at Monan, and we brought the images of endangered species to our jewellery designs,” it explained.

Monan Gold Horse Earrings from the Another World Collection
Monan founder and creative director Müge Onan set out with this specific mission, and transformed her dream of Another World first into paintings by miniature artists in her team, then into a limited-edition jewellery series made by the jewellery artists of the Monan workshop and finally, also into decorative pillows so that this dream can reach a broader audience.


Monan Rose and Nightingale Enameled Yellow Gold, Coral and Diamond Earrings from the Secret Garden Collection

Each Another World design will save the life of a wild animal: The project aims to both protect animals and create awareness across society regarding the protection of animals.
“In order to protect wild life that we have so cruelly harmed to this day, Monan has declared that it will donate the entire profit from Another World pillows, and a part of the profit from the jewellery series to the Wild@Life foundation,” the statement adds.


Monan Diamond Panda Ring from the Another World Collection
Meanwhile, the Monan Secret Garden Collection is created in the honour of Prof Dr Gul Irepoglu, who is the only Ottoman jewellery historian in the world, and dedicated to all historians who have contributed to bring Ottoman jewellery heritage to the present.

Monan Diamond Squirrel Ring from the Another World Collection
The Monan Secret Garden Collection is created under the consultancy of Prof Dr Gul Irepoglu, influenced from the miniature art of the Ottoman period and focused on the main themes of Horse-Hawk, Peacock, Flowers of the Ottoman Empire, Crest and Phoenix.
Diamonds and gems such as turquoise, pearl, emerald, ruby and najaf, which are frequently used in Ottoman jewellery, can be found in the Monan Secret Garden Collection.
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