Robert Wan's latest collection shines light on beauty of Tahitian pearls
May 09 2022 11:24 PM
Wafa Habbar (right) with colleagues at the Robert Wan booth, located in the Alfardan pavilion, showc
Wafa Habbar (right) with colleagues at the Robert Wan booth, located in the Alfardan pavilion, showcasing beautifully-handcrafted Tahitian pearls. PICTURE: Joey Aguilar

Robert Wan is showcasing its latest collection, 'Contour', at the 18th Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition (DJWE), putting a spotlight on the remarkable colour tones and beauty of Tahitian pearls from French Polynesia.
The Robert Wan booth is located in the Alfardan Pavilion at DJWE 2022.
Robert Wan general manager Wafa Habbar said they collaborated with jewellery designer Maria Argyraki this year to create such a signature collection, which comprises pieces that “are perfectly balanced and detailed”.
“This year, we want to highlight the beauty of the black pearl’s different colours. We have cherry, green, peacock and gray dark, and we have almost 10 different colours and each has different shades,” she told Gulf Times.
Using simple lines and elegant minimalism to represent her creations and give them an organic feel, Habbar said the designer’s goal is to underline the nature of the pearl by exposing the variety of colours, shapes and sizes of these gems.
The unique oyster, known as Pinctada margaritifera, which Robert Wan uses to create such magnificent pieces is very rare, fragile and requires specific conditions in order to grow to its full size, and it could take years to assemble one necklace.
“That is also one of our knowhow and craftsmanship, to be passionate and build necklaces, that is why they are very expensive,” she said.
According to Habbar, Robert Wan also displays a wide range of pieces from different price points, making them accessible for any budget.
“Based on your budget, you can choose the size from 9-13mm and then pick the pearl of your colour and then you choose a thread and we make for you here a personalised bracelet,” she said.
Habbar cited the huge demand for personalised pieces, especially in Qatar, where many “want to have their own jewellery, their own identity, and pieces that they will always wear and feel it is their own, it is their creation, it is the one they choose and made only for them, and not for someone else.”
Such pieces have exceptional appeal for the new generation – young people who have access to information from different brands and collections, she said.
“Here (at DJWE), we are all exhibitors bringing the best every year, so we always try to show the best of what we have to clients who are looking for something extra different and they want to feel they are bringing their own touch to the piece.”

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