Qatar’s massive investments in its IT infrastructure, coupled with a solid digital strategy and a wide range of entrepreneurship programmes, will play a key role in cementing the country’s place on the global map as a startup destination, an official of a Doha-based fintech company has said.
“I believe that Qatar’s digital infrastructure, its capabilities, strategic innovation, and aspiration in becoming a regional digital hub and IT leader by empowering local tech startups will definitely attract international stakeholders – from investors to fellow aspiring startups, CWallet CEO and founder Michael Javier told Gulf Times Saturday.
Javier’s statements came in the wake of the Qatar Digital Business Awards 2021 held recently at the Smart City Expo Doha 2022. The event honours companies and entrepreneurs for their valuable contribution to the growth and development of the digital sector in Qatar.
During the business awards, CWallet won the award for ‘Innovative Fintech Solution of the Year’, which “recognises a company that entered the financial technology industry by implementing new and innovative solutions, challenging the status quo and contributing to a landscape change in the sector.”
The other winners of the Qatar Digital Business Awards 2021 were App Lab (ICT Service Provider of the Year), Advancya Technologies (Systems Integrator of the Year), Sajdah (Mobile App of the Year), Meeza (Cloud Solution of the Year), Redlogik Solutions (Digital Startup of the Year), Matar – Hamad International Airport (Smart Solution of the Year), Ostrichess Branding & Marketing (SME Digital Transformation of the Year), Fatora (E-Commerce Solution of the Year), and Meddy (Most Valuable Innovation Response to Covid-19).
Javier lauded the support being provided by the government to aspiring entrepreneurs and startups owners across various sectors in Qatar, and for the initiatives and programmes provided to CWallet by the Digital Incubation Centre (DIC), Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), Qatar Development Bank (QDB), and Qatar Financial Centre (QFC).
“The CWallet team is beyond grateful to Qatar’s citizens, residents, and the government for allowing us to thrive and fulfil our mission of creating high in-country value in Qatar’s business ecosystem. A smart city is a cashless and inclusive society,” Javier pointed out.
Dr Abdulmohsin al-Yafei, CWallet co-founder and COO, said: “We would like to share the recognition to ‘Team CWallet’, its investors and business partners, especially the Qatari co-founders that are working behind the scenes of CWallet’s ongoing achievements. Such success wouldn’t be possible without the government’s initiatives in supporting Qatari entrepreneurs.”
Javier also noted that the recently-held Smart City Expo Doha 2022 not only exposed CWallet to local and international partnerships, but also to various decision-makers in Qatar both in the private and public sectors that are willing to support tech startups on various opportunities that allowed them to validate their business approach.