Private and public sector players and stakeholders from Indonesia “are ready” to discuss investment projects with their counterparts in Qatar, according to an official of Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).
Dr Teuku Faizasyah, the acting head of MoFA’s Foreign Policy Strategy Agency, made the statement during a recently-held webinar titled ‘Promoting Investments of Qatar in Indonesia: Challenges, Experiences, & Opportunities’.
“The objectives of this webinar are two-fold: First, we wish to gain insight from businessmen and champions of industry from our respective countries, particularly in the experience of doing business and investing in Indonesia. We wish to understand more about the challenges that you have encountered, if any, and at the same time, the opportunities that we have observed.
“Second, we hope to facilitate more of Qatar’s investments in Indonesia. I am confident that through this webinar we would be able to identify ways and means to attract more investments from Qatar,” Faizasyah explained.
According to Faizasyah, three major companies are investing in Indonesia: QNB, Ooredoo, and Nebras Power. “In addition, Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) has expressed interest to invest in the tourism sector in Indonesia,” he also said.
Citing figures from Indonesia’s Ministry of Investment, Faizasyah said Qatar’s total investment in Indonesia stands at “$23.3bn” in six projects.
He said: “This number is rather modest if you look at Qatar’s strong economic and financial capacity. Your economic statistics speak volumes. Qatar’s gross national income per capita of around $88,000 in 2020 is among the highest in the world.
“The Qatar Investment Authority has a total asset of $115bn, ranking 12th among sovereign wealth funds globally. Qatar has diversified its overseas investment destinations. We can find a wide range of Qatari investments in the US, Europe, and China from the banking sector to oil and gas, as well as in sports.”
Faizasyah pointed out that “it is a matter of time for Qatar to double or even triple its investments in Indonesia…we hope to have you as a partner in economic development and progress.”
He invited participants of the webinar to explore investment opportunities in areas, such as energy, mining, banking, agriculture, tourism, infrastructure, telecommunications, and green industries.
Faizasyah also emphasised that local businesses are also ready to collaborate with Qatari companies that wish to make Indonesia their hub in Southeast Asia, as well as for those that aim to expand their operations across the Asia Pacific region.
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