The Embassy of Costa Rica in Doha aims to further strengthen bilateral trade with Qatar by exporting coffee directly from renowned farms in eight regions, ambassador Mariano Segura has said.
“We are trying to connect exporters from Costa Rica with importers in Qatar,” the envoy told Gulf Times on the sidelines of a recently held coffee cupping event at Flat White Specialty Coffee at the 2022 Iconic Building, Aspire.
"Though you can find too much coffee from Costa Rica in Qatar but it comes from Europe and Qatari importers go to Europe to find coffee from our region," he explained.
The event, held in collaboration with Flat White’s sister company Honoroast specialty coffee roastery, and the embassies of Costa Rica, El Salvador and Dominican Republic in Qatar, aims to boost co-operation and facilitate direct trade with coffee farms from countries in Central America and The Caribbean.
Segura noted that the famous and high-quality coffee of Costa Rica – presented at the coffee cupping event – come from its eight regions: Tres Rios, Tarrazu, Brunca, Orosi, Central Valley, Guanacaste, Turrialba, and The West Valley.
A large number of families throughout Costa Rica’s eight producing regions rely on coffee as a source of income, making it a key driver in every town or coffee community’s economy and social development.
Coffee producers in Costa Rica strictly tend to their plantations year-round, and during harvest seasons, “families still collect the beans by hand and in a selective manner, choosing only the beans that have ripened perfectly in order to achieve a drink with excellent organoleptic qualities.”
Segura said the coffee cupping event provided an opportunity for Costa Rican embassy, as well as the embassies of El Salvador and Dominican Republic, to showcase and promote their coffee industry in Qatar.
Event host Flat White Specialty Coffee noted that coffee cupping is a tasting method often practised by coffee producers and buyers to observe and evaluate the quality of coffee, which is scored based on its sweetness, acidity, mouthfeel and after-taste.
According to the embassy, Costa Rican coffee beans “is processed with modern methods – in harmony with the environment, which have allowed the coffee sector to remain a leader in the coffee world.”
Apart from promoting their national brand dubbed as ‘Esencial Costa Rica’, Segura said the embassy also aims to strengthen its cooperation with Qatar in the area of tourism, promoting Costa Rica as a business and leisure destination and encouraging Costa Ricans to visit Doha, especially during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
The envoy said that the number of Qataris and people from the region visiting Costa Rica has been increasing, particularly with the easing of Covid-19 travel restrictions.
He added that many families from Qatar go to Costa Rica for vacation, enjoying the beaches, mountains, rivers, and other tourism spots.
Segura hopes to develop and strengthen its bilateral relations with Qatar in other fields of cooperation such as trade and investment, culture and the arts, tourism, and agriculture, among others.
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