Because of the drought in the Sinjar region in Pakistan, Qatar Charity (QC) has distributed hundreds of food baskets to needy and affected families in this region.
Each basket contains basic food items, and the distribution process took place at several points in the region in addition to delivering aid to the homes of the affected people.
This project aims to support and relieve families affected by famine due to the drought, especially helping women whose families are displaced, the elderly and people with special needs. The number of beneficiaries reached 210 families as a first payment.

The local community has welcomed this aid and the area’s social welfare official, Wajid Ali Maimon, expressed his appreciation for the interventions of QC and said: “Due to the impact of the Sinjar region by drought, livestock and agriculture have been affected here, and our life is very difficult."
For his part, Deputy District Commissioner Saber Hussein Maher participated in the distribution and said: "I feel proud to be here with you to support Qatar Charity in this noble step, and I express my special gratitude to the brotherly people of Qatar for the donations made, which mean a lot to these people who live in difficult circumstances."

The beneficiaries also expressed their gratitude for the assistance provided.
Fatima Bibi is a widow who supports four daughters. She does sewing work, but it does not provide for her family’s livelihood due to the low wages she receives.
Fatima says, “I cannot feed my daughters. I work day and night, but I do not earn enough money to support their livelihood. The aid from Qatar Charity means a lot to me and makes me very happy."
Abdul Rashid, a 10-year-old who was previously provided by Qatar Charity with a wheelchair that helped him move around and go to school, says his family benefited from food aid. He said, “Because of the drought, we do not have food or drink, and in the best case we get one meal in a day. Now that I have received the food basket from Qatar Charity, I am very happy that I will be able to eat twice a day."
Qatar Charity has been working in the Sinjar region, which is one of the poor areas of Sindh, since last year, and has implemented relief programmes and a number of water and sanitation projects.