Strategic planning expert Baber Malik delivered a lecture on the 'Role of Teachers in developing self-confidence in students' at Pak Shama School - Qatar (PSS).
The event was a collaborative effort between Pakistan Arts Society - Qatar (PAS-Q) and PSS.
Principal Nabila Kaukab welcomed the speaker. To provide attendees with a glimpse into Malik’s background and accomplishments, a lighthearted yet informative face-to-face interview, 'Be My Guest' was conducted. This allowed the audience to connect with Malik on a personal level, setting the stage for their increased engagement with his subsequent presentation.
The lecture focused on the pivotal role that teachers play in fostering self-confidence in students. Malik's insights resonated deeply with the audience, prompting lively discussions and enthusiastic participation. Attendees lauded Malik’s expertise and thought-provoking ideas.
The key points of his presentation were defining self-confidence, education v/s self-confidence, developing self-confidence and teacher’s role, confidence-building exercises and what to expect from confident students. Malik's profound insights into the importance of teachers in fostering student confidence left a lasting impression, inspiring educators and stakeholders. Following the lecture, he interacted with the audience, engaging in conversation that further enriched the educational discourse. On behalf of PSS and PAS-Q, Kaukab presented the guest speaker with a commemorative certificate.
PAS-Q president Mohamed Abrar Hussain in his vote of thanks thanked the PSS management and PAS-Q chairman M A Shahid for their support.
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