LuLu Group International has stepped up its green and sustainability practices, showcasing a number of initiatives at the 9th Qatar International Agricultural Exhibition (AgriteQ) and 3rd Qatar International Environmental Exhibition (EnviroteQ).
“We are revealing our ‘reduce.recycle’ machine here … this is a first and we are launching it across LuLu stores,” LuLu Group International director Dr Mohamed Althaf told *Gulf Times on the sidelines of the exhibitions taking place at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre. “We are now in a position to reduce and recycle the plastics and cans in all our supermarkets.”
LuLu, which has set up a pavilion at the event, plans to install one “reduce.recycle” machine in every LuLu store across the country as part of its commitment to protecting the environment.
Depending on the demand, Dr Althaf said that LuLu is looking into increasing the number of these machines and will start working with companies to at least use 50% of their packaging from recycled materials.
It is learnt that LuLu has been continuously exerting efforts to help reduce carbon emissions and food waste, in addition to promoting healthy eating through an array of programmes.
Dr Althaf noted that LuLu’s pavillion at AgriteQ and EnviroteQ 2022 puts a spotlight on how much of localisation that the company has done in terms of food production, increasing the category of local food products.
“We are growing our category of local production tremendously on fruits and vegetables, (in which) we have achieved very high numbers … and the meat and poultry (too),” he said, citing LuLu’s keenness to implement sustainable policies. “Now we are also looking at package groceries, as well as other non-food items.”
LuLu, he added, is also launching what it calls the eco-friendly category in all its supermarkets, which will introduce a wide range of biodegradable products.
“The other food items that we want to highlight here are those with less than 100 calories. We are now generating a category where anything that you take will be less than 100 calories,” Dr Althaf said, noting that these food products contain less sugar, fat and sodium.
About the event, he said LuLu has been partnering with AgriteQ and EnviroteQ since their inception and witnessed the exhibitions’ rapid growth over the years, getting bigger and better.
“You will find that LuLu has almost doubled its presence in this (event) and we are very proud to be a partner of this particular initiative,” Dr Althaf said. “We are very happy that this is one of the major events happening after (the coronavirus pandemic) where people could actually meet up with one another. We are very excited to be back.”
AgriteQ and EnviroteQ 2022, organised by the Ministry of Municipality and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, concludes tomorrow.
The exhibitions have brought together more than 650 local and international entities from the agriculture, environment, food and animal production industries.
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