Aviation services remained Qatar’s top export to Australia, bringing goods not only to the country, but also through Europe and the Middle East, Australian ambassador to Qatar Jonathan Muir has said.
Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the launch of ‘Australian Week 2022’ at LuLu Abu Sidra recently, the envoy said, “Aviation services, particularly Qatar Airways, is the biggest line and a very important part of the entire economic relationship” between the two countries.
“We really value Qatar Airways as a partner across the whole economy, and bringing in tourists now. Australia is open, and summer is coming up,” Muir said, as he encourage residents to visit Australia.
He noted that Qatar and Australia enjoy a “great trading relationship” with trade volume reaching QR5.5bn in 2021, stressing that “there is plenty of scope for growth”.
“Investment is good as well. We appreciate the fact the Qatar Investment Authority has placed its trust in the Australian market and there is plenty more that we can do there, and Qatar Airways has also invested in property,” Muir said, adding that Hassad food – the original Qatari investor in Australia – is also investing in agriculture.
He said that Qatar is Australia’s third-largest market for Australian lamb after China and the US.
“So clearly, Qataris have great taste for Australian meat and it is true that we have some of the best in the world, we have some great supply chains, Hassad and LuLu directly imports from Australia. Those supply chains are really important... they are well established.
“I am very proud to promote these great Australian products, there’s an appetite for them here, people know Australian quality, it’s fresh, so that is the type of product that we like to market through LuLu,” the envoy added.
“Our beef, lamb, seafood truffles, and olive oil – are consistently ranked among the world’s best.”
Dr Mohamed Althaf, director, LuLu Group International, said that LuLu Group is also working to open a LuLu office for sourcing and export distribution in Australia since it imports a lot of products directly from Australia.
He cited the huge demand for Australian products in Qatar due to its quality standards and “Australia has a very trustworthy halal certification system.”