Qatari doctor wins prize for elderly healthcare
February 01 2022 09:09 PM
Dr Hanadi al-Hamad
Dr Hanadi al-Hamad


A Qatari doctor won "His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Prize for Research in Health Care for the Elderly and Health Promotion".
The announcement that National Lead for Healthy Ageing for the Qatar Ministry of Public Health (National Health Strategy 2018 2022) and Medical Director of Rumailah Hospital and the Qatar Rehabilitation Institute Dr Hanadi al-Hamad, was unanimously awarded the prize was made during Qatar's participation in the 150th session of the Executive Board of the World Health Organisation (WHO), which was held from Jan 24-29.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Hanadi said that winning the prize was the culmination of the efforts exerted by the health sector in Qatar to care for elderly health and health promotion, adding that the prize is one of the most prestigious WHO awards.
She added that the health sector is keen to provide excellent care for the elderly, and that many key achievements have been made in this field, including the launch of clinics specialised in memory and geriatrics in three health centres, as well as the launch of geriatric consultancy services in emergency departments, in addition to the opening of a geriatric clinic at Al Wakra Hospital.
She added that several new services were also opened during the Covid-19 pandemic, such as the day care unit for the elderly, the acute care unit, the monitoring unit, virtual clinics, virtual services dedicated to physical therapy, and national lines to help the elderly and their caregivers, as well as medicine delivery service for the elderly.
Dr Hanadi explained that several training programmes targeting non-geriatricians and caregivers of the elderly have been developed, as well as a training programme on dementia in partnership between the Hamad International Training Centre and Alzheimer's Disease International London, UK, for programme accreditation.
She added that home rehabilitation services were also provided, mobile centres were opened in various places to provide home care services, mobile dental care services for the elderly, and nursing services for wound care, in addition to the launch of a website for healthy ageing, which contains the information, in addition to the launch of a constantly-updated website for healthy ageing, which contains information on common medical problems among the elderly and guidelines that contribute to raising awareness of healthy lifestyles.
She said that "RAHA" national helpline service has been launched, with a multi-disciplinary team of experts to provide support and advice to Alzheimer's patients and their family members to help them cope with the challenges caused by dementia and enable them to access the services designated for them,In addition to spreading awareness among them about dementia and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment It is noteworthy that "His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Prize for Research in Health Care for the Elderly and in Health Promotion" is awarded biannually to the winners who have made an outstanding contribution to research in the areas of healthcare for the elderly and in health promotion at the WHO level.
The Selection Panel meets to decide on the recommendation to be made to the Executive Board, which designates the recipient (or recipients) of the prize in a ceremony held on the sidelines of the WHO meetings in Geneva in May.

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