The embassies of Indonesia and Kyrgyzstan are highlighting various facets of their countries at the ongoing Doha International Book Fair ( DIBF) 2022.
Held under the slogan 'Knowledge is Light', DIBF-2022 features literary works of local, regional, and internationally-renowned authors and publishers from 37 countries across the globe.
Organised by the Ministry of Culture's Qatar Cultural and Heritage Events Centre, the fair will conclude on January 22. Nine embassies are participating in the event.
Faisal Fouzan from the Indonesian embassy said the mission is showcasing an array of books covering a number of topics.

Some of the books at the Indonesian embassy booth

“We have a large number of books in different fields. We have books for kids, novels, books on politics, culture, history, sports as well as cooking. We have also a number of religious books on Islam. Some of our books give detailed account about visiting Indonesia. We have tourist maps as well as books on various tourist attractions of the country,” explained, Fouzan.

Indonesian embassy highlights the country's culture and lifestyle

“As a country with the largest Muslim Population, we have a number of books by Muslim scholars. We have many of them translated into Arabic and displayed here. We are also highlighting some of the works of the best writers of our country,” he continued.
Fouzan said the Indonesian embassy works in collaboration with the Indonesian association of book publishers that was supposed to attend the event but could not make it due to Covid-19.

Chinghiz Torekulovich Aitmatov's collections at Kyrgyzstan embassy booth

“We are also showcasing Indonesian diversity. We have some books that give details of all the 30 provinces of Indonesia. We are also highlighting the topography and the best spots of attraction in our country. We have also the tourist maps for the people to explore the country. We hope to promote Indonesia as a tourist destination as many of the books give a vivid portrayal of the country,” he added.

Indonesian embassy representatives at the embassy booth

There is also a book at the book by the Indonesian diaspora in Qatar that gives all the details of the Indonesian expatriates in the country and their fields of engagement. Currently there are around 17000 in Qatar.
Meanwhile, Baktybek uulu Edilbek, third secretary at the Kyrgyztan Embassy noted that it was the third time the embassy is taking part in the book fair.

“This year, we are highlighting the books by Chinghiz Torekulovich Aitmatov, one of the most popular writers from Kyrgyzstan. He is a world famous writer. Many of his works are are translated into Arabic and are on display here,” said Edilbek.
“ His works have been translated into over 150 languages. He writes fiction as well as on several other topics. Many of his works show the life during the Soviet Union times,” added the official.