QU workshop sheds light on SDGs
January 07 2022 10:42 PM
A view of the Qatar University campus.


The Research and Graduate Studies Sector at Qatar University (QU) presented an introductory workshop on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the role of QU in achieving them at the local and international levels, as part of the activities of the Academic Network for Development Dialogue (ANDD).
ANDD was established as a partnership between universities and educational institutions regionally and worldwide with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) supported by the Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) and QU.
The network supports knowledge exchange between the UN and the academia in the Arab region. It focuses on dialogue and facilitates collaboration between two schools of thought (academic and non-academic), acting as an example of moving away from competing against each other, and starting to co-operate and share knowledge.
This workshop is part of ANDD’s various activities, which includes the launch of the Call for Papers revolving around the theme of ‘Building on the Similarities between Arab Countries for Fostering Sustainable Development,’ which is a part of ANDD’s discussion papers series ‘Opening the Lid'. This series is an initiative that aims to encourage structured dialogue over problems in the Arab region, and to provoke a conversation over structural challenges and opportunities that the region encountered beyond those identifiable through sectoral and technical aspects.
The workshop, presented by Dr Abdelaziz Bouras, director of the Office of Research Support at QU, was meant to introduce the importance of the SDGs in general, while mentioning the role QU plays in achieving them through its transformational strategy 2018-2022, research activities and multidisciplinary programmes that enhance and enrich research impact. Emphasis has been placed on the International Research Collaboration Co-Funding (IRCC) programme as a means of collaboration with the network member universities through research projects addressing topics related to the SDGs.
The workshop closely relates to the goals of ANDD, which seeks to build rapprochement and dialogue, share experiences and exchange development experiences in the world. Its importance is represented by introducing the ANDD participants to the scientific and knowledge renaissance carried out by the university, which aspires to achieve the SDGs in order to enhance human efficiency and raise environmental and technological awareness, leading to a safe life for all.
QU plays a major role in the sustainable renaissance by adopting a number of effective research programmes, the most important of which is the IRCC, which supports the best researchers from QU and other participating universities from all over the world to develop high quality and impact research partnerships.

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