Within Qatar University (QU)'s Ramadan campaign (Our Ramadan is light and knowledge), the Public Relations and Communications Administration and the Mishkat Qur'an Club organised a lecture titled 'Qur'anic Arts in Ramadan Nights' presented by Sheikh Dr Muhammad al-Barrak.

A large number of QU faculty members, students, and graduates attended the lecture, which addressed insights into the profound impact of the Qur'an on the human soul and daily life. The scholar discussed the importance of the Qur'an in daily lives, the reasons for the revelation of some verses, and the importance of benefiting from Qur'anic stories.

Sheikh al-Barrak encouraged students to contemplate the meanings of the Quran and recite it during the blessed month of Ramadan. He said: “I was honoured to receive an invitation from the Public Relations and Communications Administration at QU and the Mishkat Quran Club to present this lecture, which was done in collaboration with Abdullah Darwish Fahroo Mosque and in coordination with the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs.

"These activities are related to the Qur'an and Islamic religious occasions such as the blessed month of Ramadan, and they encourage students to engage with the Book of Allah and make the best use of this month. Such activities are very distinguished, and the initiative for such popular activities is commendable, whether at the university level or at the student club level.”

In a statement on the occasion, Eatidal al-Qatami, director of Public Relations and Communications at QU, said: “The lecture 'Qur'anic Arts in Ramadan Nights,' presented by Sheikh al-Barrak, was a unique opportunity to explore the aesthetics of the Qur'an and its impact on our spiritual and practical lives."

Abdullah al-Subaie, president of the Mishkat Quran Club, commented, “Mishkat Club always seeks to connect QU affiliates with the Qur'an, and it seeks to achieve this vision by holding various events and activities throughout the academic year. For the blessed month of Ramadan, it has a special significance and status in the life of every Muslim, as it is the station of spiritual provision for the rest of the year. It is where hearts draw from its Qur'anic breaths, its spiritual atmosphere, and its refreshing and beautiful breezes.”

At the end of the lecture, Dr. Ibrahim al-Ansari, dean of the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies at QU, honoured Sheikh al-Barrak and urged students to contemplate the meanings of the Qur'an.
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