HE Minister of Justice Masoud bin Mohamed al-Ameri, affirmed that this year's National Day celebrations come in light of the country's major achievements, represented in major projects and strategic decisions that enhance Qatar's renaissance in various fields, including the legislative system, which was crowned by the first elected Shura Council, accompanied by pioneering initiatives that confirm the distinguished and prestigious position of Qatar abroad, and this is thanks to the wise vision of our leadership and the ideas it presents in order to develop, modernise, improve performance, raise the value of work, and rule of law, and work with partners to establish the principles and values of global security and peace.
HE al-Ameri added, in a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), that these achievements confirm the progress of our country in accordance with a wise vision that foresees the future and is inspired by the principles and values established by the founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohamed bin Thani, may God rest his soul.
He explained that within the framework of the country's tireless efforts to implement Qatar National Vision 2030 and the sectoral plans of the National Development Strategy 2018-2022, the Ministry of Justice has achieved many goals during this year, and its departments have won many awards that confirm its keenness on excellence and modernisation, especially with regard to projects in line with the Second National Development Strategy 2018-2022 and the plans of Qatar Digital Government.
HE the Minister indicated that the first strategic plan of the Ministry of Justice 2020-2022 was prepared and approved by the competent authorities, and it was classified as a model plan, and included about 35 projects in various fields related to supervising the practice of legal professions, and ensuring the provision of electronic services with accuracy and high quality to all citizens and residents, providing legal training for the target groups in the state's administrative apparatus, and coordinating with government agencies on cases brought from or against them,
He noted that this is in line with the directives of HE Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz al-Thani, and in line with the comprehensive development vision Qatar National Vision 2030 to achieve these goals, and work is currently underway to convert the ministry's services into electronic services, and many services have been restructured, bringing the number of services provided to 209 electronic services in an integrated manner.
He also pointed out that the work of the department of state cases has been developed with the completion of the second phase of the electronic system, which aims to organise the internal work of the department, in terms of inventorying the data of the current cases, the dates of the sessions, the parties to the case, the number of cases filed against and including government agencies, and linking with government agencies, providing electronic links through which lawsuits can be filed directly without the need for paper correspondence and the time and effort that it takes.
HE the Minister said that many services and systems have also been developed in the ministry, represented in the development of the geographic map system according to the latest methods provided by satellites, which won the Excellence Award in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) offered by the American "ESRI" Institute.
He added that an electronic portal was also established for lawyers and real estate brokers to enable them to conduct all their transactions electronically, including procedures for applying for registration, licensing, renewal of registration and licensing, and payment of fees electronically and work is also underway to activate and enhance the legal professions with Qatari national cadre in the fields of law, real estate brokerage and expert affairs.
With regard to the legal qualification and training sector, which the ministry pays special attention to embodying the vision of Qatar's wise leadership to prepare and qualify Qatari jurists in various fields, the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies has developed an integrated training plan for mandatory and specialized legal courses for the year 2022 that meets the training needs of various ministries and government agencies in the country.
HE the Minister stressed that on this glorious occasion, the Ministry of Justice was keen to keep pace with the comprehensive renaissance in implementation of the directives of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, by working to provide the best services to citizens and residents in the field of the ministry's competencies, and the ministry look forward that the celebration of the National Day will be every year to celebrate more achievements.
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