The Shura Council held its second ordinary session of the first legislative term Monday, corresponding to the Shura Council's 50th annual session, headed by HE the Speaker Hassan bin Abdullah al-Ghanem.
At the outset of the session, members of the Council hailed the speech of His Highness the Amir at the opening of the new session. They stressed the importance of the speech and its comprehensiveness in drawing up the State's internal policy and everything that concerns the citizens and the residents.

On foreign affairs, the speech reviewed the features of the State's policy, pointing out that it was a discussion of all possible developments that could take place in the coming years.
They added that the speech must be a roadmap for the Council during the current session.
HE al-Ghanem urged members to study the directives and objectives contained in the speech and put them into an action programme that helps the government to achieve them.
The Council then approved the formation of its five permanent committees for the current session in accordance with the articles of the constitution, its law and internal regulations.
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