Qatar University (QU) has publicised that scholarship decisions will be announced next on August 5, the benefits of which include exemption from tuition fees, book fees and the provision of housing for international students.

The scholarships that will be announced in August include admission scholarships for excellence, scholarships for children of the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) citizens who have obtained a Qatari high school diploma, and scholarships for children of employees at Qatar University. This is in addition to scholarships for outstanding performance, which the university offers to academically distinguished students enrolled at the university in bachelor’s majors. Outstanding students are selected for this scholarship on a competitive basis. The scholarship aims to retain academically distinguished students at QU, and the student is exempted from tuition fees.

QU scholarships are divided into two parts: competitive scholarships and non-competitive scholarships. Competitive scholarships include admission scholarships for gifted students and academic scholarships, which include admission scholarships for excellence, admission scholarships for international students, His Highness the Amir’s scholarships for academic excellence, distinguished performance scholarships and scholarships for GCC embassies.

Non-competitive scholarships include scholarships for children of the GCC citizens who have obtained Qatari high school diplomas, and scholarships for children of QU employees. For more information visit:

There are other scholarships that include short scholarships to study the Arabic language for non-native speakers, and scholarships for diploma programmes in the College of Education. The university offers an admission scholarship to new and academically outstanding students residing in Qatar who wish to enroll in bachelor’s majors. The applicant should submit the scholarship application in person during the announced application period. Applicants for this scholarship are selected on a competitive basis.
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