*Employers have to provide health insurance for their non-Qatari staff *Participation of public and private sectors in the new system to streamline health care services in the country

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) confirmed Wednesday that Law No. (22) of 2021 regulating health care services would help develop and organise the health sector in the country.
His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani issued on Tuesday Law No. 22 of 2021 , regulating health care services within the country. The law is effective six months after its publishing in the official gazette.
MoPH noted that based on the new law, a mandatory health insurance system will be implemented for all expatriates and visitors to the country to provide basic health care services to them through health care providers in several government health facilities and the private sector, according to the insurance coverage for them.
The provisions of the law also oblige the employers to provide health insurance for their non-Qatari workers through insurance companies registered with MoPH to provide them with basic insurance coverage. The same obligation to provide basic insurance coverage applies to the resident, who applies to bring someone to the country.
The health ministry confirmed that the health insurance system will lead to the development of the health sector and services provided to the public, by alleviating the challenges facing the health care sector resulting from the steady population growth, through the participation of the public and private sectors in providing health care services to the population, which in turn will reduce waiting time in the government health facilities in the country and provide appointments for medical consultations within a time that meets the health needs of citizens at the highest level of quality.
The law will be implemented six months after its issuance, and during this period, services will continue to be provided to all residents. The ministry will issue and publish all controls related to the application of the law and the health insurance system during the coming period.

Khalid al-Mughesib, advisor to the Minister of Public Health, told Qatar TV Wednesday that the health insurance would be mandatory for all the categories of expatriates, including visitors to the country.
"All expatriates will have to get the basic health insurance that will be launched after six months. This would be through their employers and the expatriate person should get health insurance for his family members residing in the country.
"It is a basic health insurance for all and there will be practical mechanism and regulations for implementing this," he added.
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