The US remains a strong market for Qataris looking to invest in real estate, said Mari Pearce, vice president US Division at Alternative Line Real Estate, who was one of the expert speakers at Cityscape Qatar 2021.
Pearce delivered a presentation on Tuesday titled ‘Investment Opportunities in the US’, which identified key trends in the US residential sector, as well as geographical hotspots and where to invest in the US next year.
Speaking to Gulf Times on the sidelines of Cityscape Qatar 2021, which concluded yesterday, Pearce said Alternative Line Real Estate aims to be a pioneering company that promotes US properties to investors in Qatar.
The top US markets for Qataris looking at residential and commercial real estate investments are California and Miami, Florida. New York is attractive for residential investments, while Texas is ideal for residential and multi-family properties, Pearce said.
“Qataris do buy real estate in the US; their investments are spread in both residential and commercial segments. In other States, some Qataris have also purchased residential properties for their children studying in universities in America,” she further explained.
Pearce said investors are guaranteed with “strong return on investments” when investing in commercial buildings under specific zoning areas, such as “medical zones,” which she describes as “bulletproof investments” in most US states.
She said, “We do work with a lot of commercial assets, which are definitely very strong investments. What I would highly recommend for people interested in these types of investments are medical buildings because they are one of the strongest commercial real estate investments in the US.”
“No matter what time of the year and despite fluctuations in the economy, these types of buildings are always occupied, so investors will always make their return on investments,” Pearce explained, adding that the Covid-19 pandemic had no impact on the US property market.
On the success of Cityscape Qatar’s ninth edition this year, Pearce said the participation of leading local and international real estate development companies, as well as the launching of major projects across Qatar during the event “is a positive indication” post Covid-19.
Pearce also assured that Alternative Line Real Estate is working with “trustworthy” property management firms to provide clients with strong ROIs.
“We are based in both Doha and the US, and we know what people in Qatar want and we do have knowledge of real estate investments in America, so what we want to do is to give Qataris the best possible experience when buying real estate in America.
“Even if they don’t fly out to the US to check on their property, our company guarantees a hassle-free experience right from the beginning,” Pearce said, adding that the company is also an expert in virtual transactions.
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