LuLu Group is seeking to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% by 2030 as part of its sustainable development initiatives.
Dr Mohamed Althaf, director, LuLu Group International, made the statement on the sidelines of a signing ceremony with United Development Company (UDC) held at Cityscape Qatar 2021 Monday.
Althaf signed an agreement with UDC executive director commercial Hussain Akbar al-Baker for the opening of a LuLu Hypermarket in Giardino Mall at The Pearl-Qatar covering an area of 13,000sqm, in addition to a LuLu Supermarket and retail brands on a 700sqm area at Gewan Island.
“What we have done now is a part of our expansion strategy for LuLu in Qatar; we are now expanding into all the new settlements and all the new areas. The Pearl-Qatar has a large community that requires a lot of services, so now we already have a plan for a large formatted LuLu Hypermarket inside The Pearl-Qatar, which will be a very major step for us.
“The other LuLu store at Gewan Island is the second development that we are signing with UDC. It will be a smaller outlet but it will cater to the needs of all the people around that area, depending on their requirements,” Althaf told Gulf Times.
He said, “These two outlets reflect our confidence in Qatar, as well as with Gewan Island and The Pearl-Qatar, which is becoming a very interesting mix of people now; it is probably the most cosmopolitan living area now in the Gulf, so we are very happy and very proud to be present there. As The Pearl-Qatar expands its footprint, we would also like to expand our operations and presence there.”
As a retail outlet pioneering in sustainable development in Qatar, Althaf said all new LuLu outlets in the country are based on the principle of sustainability. He said both LuLu and UDC follow the same strategy.
“With our outlets in the island, our strategy is very clear that at least by 2030 all our carbon footprint should be reduced by 50%, and by 2050, we definitely want to become net-zero and to become carbon neutral.
“So, you will find that it is not only from an energy-efficient perspective, which we will be, but we are targeting about 40% less energy than a conventional hypermarket in The Pearl-Qatar but we will also look at it in terms of our water conservation, a lot of recycling, and then a big target on the reduction of wastage,” he said.
Althaf added: “On food wastage, we have some plans now but these will be organised, and we will also conduct zero waste sessions and a lot of other innovations that aim to minimise the impact on the environment.”
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