The further easing of Covid-19 rules in Qatar has greatly contributed to the “vibrant momentum” being felt by stakeholders and major players in the country’s business sector, according to Qatari entrepreneur Farhan al-Sayed.
“Business activities in Qatar are in high-velocity now that the government has further relaxed Covid-19 restrictions; there has been heightened enthusiasm among local businesses and I am positive that this rhythm will continue as the country gears for the hosting of the FIFA World Cup in 2022,” al-Sayed pointed out.
He said, “There is increased movement in the market, and many events organisers have been staging local and international exhibitions, such as Project Qatar and Build Your House 2021, as well as upcoming functions like Cityscape Qatar happening next week, and Qatar Travel Mart and Hospitality Qatar next month.”
Similarly, local businesses stand to gain from the influx of tourists and other visitors to the country, said al-Sayed, adding that “this has shown a definite growth both in retail and hospitality industries locally.”
In recent weeks, Qatar also witnessed “rapid economic growth,” citing “high energy prices globally,” said al-Sayed, who is also the president of the Qatar Indonesia Business Council (QIBC).
He said, “The rebranding of Qatar Petroleum to ‘QatarEnergy’ will further contribute to the development of the country’s hydrocarbon sector. As world markets have opened up and the demand for oil and gas increased, energy prices have soared to new highs. This has definitely brought a burst of fresh air to GCC economies.
“The Qatari government is doing a tremendous job in maintaining a steady supply of goods and commodities from all over the world during the pandemic, ably supported by Qatar Airways cargo and Hamad Port,” he said.
Al-Sayed added: “His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani’s wisdom and leadership have steered Qatar smoothly past the pandemic stage and brought peace in the GCC with brilliant diplomacy to end the blockade peacefully, as well as strengthening ties with allies in the GCC and the Arab world. Qatar’s role as a peacemaker and its diplomacy has been applauded recently at the UN.”