Polling stations closed their doors at 6pm Saturday, following large voter turnout from citizens in the country's first-ever legislative elections.

Counting the votes have begun to find out which 30 out of the 233 candidates will be members of the Shura Council. All 30 polling stations spread across the country witnessed a large turnout from all segments of the society, who were delighted with the democratic event and praised the ease of procedures and the good organization by the Ministry of Interior, the Supreme Judicial Council and the designated authorities.

The voting process saw large participation from women, with thousands of women voters taking part in choosing the candidates. There was also 26 women running during the elections that are taking place in the country for the first time ever.

The results will be announced later Saturday after all votes are counted. Members need to win the majority of valid votes. The heads of the polling station would cast their vote in the event of having two or more candidates that received an equal number of valid votes.
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