234 candidates left in fray for Shura elections
September 23 2021 11:29 PM
Final list of Shura Council candidates announced
Final list of Shura Council candidates announced

*50 candidates withdraw their nomination
 A total of 234 candidates are left in the fray across 30 constituencies for the Shura Council elections on October 2 when the window for withdrawal closed on Thursday.
In all, 50 candidates withdrew their nomination, according to the website of the Supervisory Committee on the Shura Council elections.
Fourteen candidates withdrew yesterday. They are: Nasser Sultan al-Ali al-Maadeed (constituency 6), Youssef Mubarak Salem al-Adsani (constituency 7), Amal Ahmed Muhammad Ali al-Subaie (constituency 8), Hussein Ahmed Yousef Hilal al-Haddad (constituency 11), Ibrahim Mayouf Ali Bu Manahi al-Rumaihi (constituency 12), Ali Ahmed Rashid Hamad Al-Madhahka (constituency 19), Khalifa Abdullah Ali al-Bati al-Kaabi (constituency 21), Jamal Muhammad Noorudhin al-Sada, Khaled Issa Jassim Eid al-Muhaiza, Abdullah Ibrahim Issa Abdul Qader al-Sada and Muhammad Issa Saleh Mubarak al-Muhaiza (all from constituency 23), Lahdan Khamis Abdullah al-Kubaisi (constituency 25), Mohamed Mubarak Rashid Mohamed al-Amiri and Mohamed Mubarak Ali Salem al-Mansoori (constituency 28).
On Wednesday the following candidates pulled out of the race: Ali Abd al-Rahman Muhammad Rafi al-Emadi (constituency 10), Rashid Saeed Muhammad al-Omani al-Athba (constituency 16), Khaled Fahad Jassim Mubarak al-Madhahka (constituency 19), and Muhammad Qaran Sayah Raqit al-Mansoori (constituency 28).
The Ministry of Interior (MoI) had issued a statement regarding the assignment, the power of attorney and the electoral silence of the Shura Council election candidates, in which it clarified that the candidate wishing to relinquish his candidacy must submit the application in writing on the specific form and hand it over to the Elections Administration at its headquarters at Ain Khaled to be approved by the chairman of the Nomination Committee.

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