* To commemorate the 41st anniversary of diplomatic relations between Thailand and Qatar

The Thailand embassy in Doha donated recently a collection of 141 books to the Qatar National Library (QNL) to mark the 41st anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries, which falls on August 7.
“QNL is one of most prominent libraries in the Middle East which offers learning resource for people from all walks of life, not only for the Qataris but for all regardless of their nationalities.
“The collection of books that are donated today present several aspects about Thailand, such as Thai history, the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great, Thai arts and culture, architecture, tourism, Thai culinary and Muay Thai, as well as Thai language studies and children's books,” Thai ambassador Nathapol Khantahiran said.
The envoy, who was welcomed by QNL’s Research and Learning Services director Abeer Saad al-Kuwari and Strategic Planning director Lolwa al-Naemi at the event, added: “We hope that these books will help expand the growing collections at QNL, cultivate the culture of reading and lifelong learning, and promote better understanding about Thailand among the general public in Qatar.”
“Through these books, which serve as a source of knowledge and wisdom, we hope to bring the peoples of Qatar and Thailand closer together, especially the younger generations who will become our future. This will enrich people-to-people understanding which has been the fundamental aspect of our cordial bilateral relations for the past 41 years,” Khantahiran said.
The envoy thanked QNL, Qatar Foundation, and Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their collaboration in celebrating the 41st anniversary of Thailand - Qatar diplomatic relations.
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