Doha resident, Priyanka Bajaj Sibal has been named Mrs India 2021. Bollywood actress Mahima Chaudhary crowned Sibal, a chartered accountant, as Mrs India 2021 Queen of Substance.
The grand finale of the Mrs India Queen of Substance pageant 2021 was hosted by Aman Verma, an Indian television anchor and actor. In addition to Mahima Chaudhary, the jury comprised philanthropist and entrepreneur and the founder director of Mrs India Queen of Substance, Ritika Vinay; Indian actress and model, Anshu Varshney among others.
In the final round question Sibal was asked, “ If you get an opportunity to choose a gender for yourself in the next birth, what are you going to choose – a male or a female?”
Sibal responded: “I respect both genders but if given a chance I would love to be a woman, who is a beautiful creation of God. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman because she creates, she nurtures, she motivates, she inspires. She is a true inspiration for so many. God has given woman so many powers. If given a chance I would love to be a woman, in all my births.”
Sibal said, "A dream does not become reality on its own, it takes hard work, sweat, determination, sleepless nights, sacrifices, blessings and much more. It all pays off !!” While celebrating her victory, she expressed her gratitude to her mentors and support system.
Besides the main title, Priyanka also won the 'Mrs Photogenic’ title as well as the ‘Mrs Traditional Costume’ award for her spectacular portrayal of Indian tradition and culture. Her performance in the Talent Round was also exceptional, she performed on a choreography done by the Qatar-based Bhawna Sharma Naik, and lyrics written by her sister Meeta Bhardwaj and sung by herself. There were 28 contestants for the title.
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