Shops and hypermarkets in the country are witnessing a surge in the demand for luggage and related accessories after the Qatari authorities recently announced the easing of travel and return procedures, it is learnt.
Speaking to Gulf Times, a store manager of a leading travel boutique said their sales of various types of luggage rose substantially, exceeding that of the previous years during the same period.
The summer season traditionally sees a spike in the demand for luggage due to the holidays, but things changed last year owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, with the situation improving due to vaccination, testing and compliance with precautionary measures, as well as the easing of travel and return rules, the demand for luggage and related items has gone up, say sources.
“People, especially families, weren’t able to travel last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and now many of them are looking for new (hard-case) luggage and bags,” he noted.
He said Eid al-Adha provides an opportunity for many citizens and residents to spend the holidays in quarantine-free destinations such as Georgia or in their home countries, especially for those who are taking longer vacations.
Georgia has become one of the popular destinations for Qatari citizens and residents, with a threefold increase in the first five months of this year compared to the same period last year.
It is learnt that promotions and price reductions on several travel items have prompted many to have their old luggage replaced or upgraded in time for the Eid break.
He said all are fast-moving items, from ordinary to "high-end/business class" luggage, as well as small travel and laptop bags as well as passport holders, among others.
Another popular luggage manufacturer and retailer, which operates several shops at malls in Doha, cited impressive sales in less than a week as it continues to receive regular and new customers.
“We were able to hit our sales target for this month in a matter of days and we are hoping this trend will continue as more destinations become quarantine-free and safer, just like during the pre-pandemic period,” said an employee.
Like luggage and travel accessories, the demand for mobiles and other electronic devices such as tablets and laptops is also high, according to LuLu Group International regional manager Shanavas P M.
With additional requirements to show at airports when travelling, it is learnt that travellers find it practical to have a high-storage and well-functioning mobile device with them.
“My old phone is still functioning but I decided to buy the latest version as it’s faster and works like a laptop as well. It’s better to be ready particularly when you’re travelling in this kind of setting where you need to upload and send documents, as well as check some travel updates every now and then,” said a Filipino expatriate who plans to spend his annual vacation in Manila soon.
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