HE the Minister of Transport and Communications Jassim Saif Ahmed al-Sulaiti launched Wednesday the Tasmu Platform, which is seen to push forward the competitiveness of Qatar’s economy through ICT and the latest technologies.
The event, which was held under the patronage of HE the Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz al-Thani, was attended by Dr Rana Abdullah al-Fares, Kuwait’s Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Communication and Information Technology Affairs, including several ministers, high-profile officials, technology firm representatives, and guests who watched the launch event via livestreaming.
The Tasmu Platform aims to harness advanced technology and innovation to provide smart solutions and applications across five priority sectors: transportation, healthcare, logistics, environment, and sports.
The platform was designed to create and foster an enabling digital environment by powering and linking all sectors, smart solutions, and digital services in Qatar to drive sustainable economic diversification, address key national challenges, and support decision making, innovation, research, entrepreneurship, and businesses.
In his opening speech, al-Sulaiti said Qatar’s visionary leadership realised years ago the importance of investing in emerging technologies and innovation to drive sustainable development and the national economy.


“The ministry has been actively working towards realising this vision, which will secure a bright future for the State of Qatar and our responsibility was to develop the right digital infrastructure and technical capabilities that will help all key sectors in Qatar to remain at the forefront of information and communications technology on a global level, thus ushering in the digital innovation era with full confidence,” al-Sulaiti said.
He said, “Today, we came together to witness the launch of the Tasmu Platform, a remarkable achievement for the Tasmu Programme on its journey to build a smart Qatar and enhance the digital economy for Qatar and the region. The platform, which is one of the most innovative cloud-based smart city solutions with world-class artificial intelligence, big data, and cybersecurity capabilities, was developed in conjunction with an international consortium led by Ooredoo.”
The minister said the Tasmu Platform sits at the heart of the Smart Qatar Programme - connecting government entities and private businesses operating in priority sectors to coordinate efforts and combine goals.
The sector alignment, he explained, will ensure that users can have access to comprehensive smart solutions from a single source. The Tasmu Platform will also be a national source of information that will provide accurate analytics and insight across sectors to support decision-making, resource management, and focused investments to ensure the growth of our economy and society.
The Tasmu Platform offerings will holistically enable a nationwide digital transformation while aspiring to meet the Qatar National Vision 2030. The launch of the platform includes a comprehensive offering of 37 products and services that are in line with Tasmu’s value proposition and span across five main pillars: IoT device onboarding and management, enablers and accelerators, smart city value addition, revenue generation, and platform support.

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