Qatari entrepreneurs, especially local and regional fashion designers, stand to benefit from Doha Festival City (DHFC)’s plan to utilise pop-up shops as platforms to support their growth and expansion, a senior mall official has said.
“As the interest in Arabian fashion is increasing, the number of local fashion designers is constantly growing,” DHFC general manager Robert Hall told Gulf Times. “There is no doubt that GCC fashion is now influencing Western designs, and we believe in the success of these entrepreneurs, most of whom are currently choosing to sell their products online.”
While shifting from online to a physical store can be difficult and requires substantial investment, he said that capitalising on the huge potential of pop-up shops would be one of the best ways to support the country’s aspiring entrepreneurs and fashion designers.
Hall noted that last year, Qatar Development Bank (QDB) opened its Derwaza Store at the DHFC.
Dedicated to micro and home businesses, the store provides entrepreneurs with a platform to access the local market and boost their business revenues in a retail environment.
The mall is now home to many local talents, including Le Petit Camion, Eden Café, Qinwan, and Al Motahajiba, as well as several kiosks offering an authentic Qatari experience to visitors.
“We are determined to continue nurturing local talent, supporting Qatari entrepreneurs and their emerging projects,” Hall stressed.
The pre-pandemic era witnessed numerous events such as fashion shows and masterclasses put a spotlight on Arabian designs.
The Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition has featured, in its previous editions, bespoke abaya collections by Qatari designers.
Hall said that the DHFC demonstrated a remarkable resilience despite the "unprecedented challenges" endured throughout the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.
Having remained an engaged community player throughout this period, the mall is constantly looking at new ways to interact with customers and support aspiring local entrepreneurs.
Local artists will also have the chance to showcase their works with the launch of Art Canvas at the DHFC, which aims to promote art among Qatar residents.
This unique initiative offers three local artists the opportunity to exhibit their artworks at the mall.
Art Canvas follows the mall’s International Art Exhibition, which kicked off in January this year, raising awareness about local talent aimed at building an intracultural dialogue through arts.
“Last October, we also partnered with Mazaji 94.6 FM to launch an in-mall radio show for the first time in Qatar, showcasing the mall’s unique offering and running fun competitions for the Arabic-speaking community,” Hall said.