A Qatar-based fintech company, which aims to revolutionise payment transactions in the Mena region, has raised QR1.1mn in seed funding, it was announced on Sunday.
According to Ahmed Isse, co-founder of Dibsy, the company will use the funds to invest in new hires and business development to grow its market share in Qatar. The company will also broaden its scope to offer more services around its payment solutions, he noted.
Isse said, “Businesses in Qatar will be able to accept payments with a quick click, whether they have an online storefront or not. Dibsy will change the region's payments landscape.
“As the country embraces digital transformation, the demand for quick, easy, and online payments is rising. Dibsy has set out to fuel the growth of digital payments, enabling both online and offline businesses to accept multiple forms of payments in one place.”
Isse explained that instead of spending many weeks and money into setting up a digital payment solution for their businesses, business owners can now set up online payments very quickly.
“They can, in fact, start selling in a matter of days. Dibsy has an easy registration process that eliminates layers of bureaucracy and paperwork for business owners. At www.dibsy.one, businesses can now use Dibsy to get everything up and running very quickly with our simple onboarding,” Isse pointed out.
Isse also explained that Dibsy offers affordable, straightforward onboarding, and fast integration with simple Application Programming Interface (API). With this tool, business owners can accept payments through their website, Apps, or messaging platforms, he said.
Merchants that have not yet moved their businesses online will significantly benefit from this technology, allowing them to send payment links to customers using SMS, WhatsApp, e-mail, or on social media platforms, Isse noted.
“Our tool will have an easy integration for online checkouts,” said co-founder Anouar el-Mekki, who added that Dibsy recognises that customer service is a notable setback for many of its competitors and sets high priorities into putting merchants first.
The company will offer merchants’ services and world-class support to businesses in many industries, el-Mekki said.
Loyan Farah, co-founder, said: “We started Dibsy to enhance payment services with businesses in mind.” Farah added Dibsy, which is also supported by Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), was able to secure $300,000 in pre-seed funding led by Salem Khalaf al-Mannai and local angel investors.