The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) has directed all private schools and kindergartens to start monitoring student results and upload certificates to the National Student Information System (NSIS) not later than Thursday.
A circular from Hamad Muhammad al-Ghali, director of the Department of Private Schools Licenses in the Private Education Affairs Sector at the Ministry, has been sent to all private schools and kindergartens.
The directive, according to an official statement, comes from the keenness of the Private Schools Licenses Department to ensure that all aspects related to the academic year are completed, especially with regard to evaluating students and promoting them to the next grades and stages according to their academic performance.
The circular emphasised that the students' result should be clearly stated in the system. The result (successful / failed) should be verified before the student’s certificate is uploaded. If the student fails, the reason should be added to the NSIS system.
As for private schools that follow the American curriculum, the circular clarified that only the 12th grade certificate and the diploma certificate for the current year be uploaded. For private schools that follow the British curriculum, it is necessary to upload IGCSE certificates for 10th and 12th grades of previous years for all students, even if they move from the school.
The circular indicated that it has been observed that some schools attach academic certificates by photographing them on a mobile phone. Instead, certificates bearing the school's seal or signature should be scanned and uploaded. With regard to British high school curriculum students who are associated with centralised tests, schools can add grades as soon as they are issued by British organisations and no later than the end of August.
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