Government schools are set to be strict on the registration of student attendance from the first day of return to school after the Eid holidays Tuesday.

Some school managers told local Arabic daily Arrayah that absence will be calculated from the first day of resumption of school, as it has become common that a high percentage of students do not go to school on the first few days after holidays due to the disruption of their daily routine of the holidays.

Accordingly, parents have been advised to get their children to sleep early and to ensure that they get up early, so they would not find it difficult when they go back to classes. Further, school managers stressed that they have sent reminder SMS messages to parents about the school timing and timetables, stressing the need to be on time for school and to avoid skipping the first classes. Besides, the school year is coming to an end soon and this period is considered important to prepare students for exams and to train them well to undergo the process of the final year exams, in particular for the students in the final year of their secondary schools, pre-college education.

Nasser al-Muraikhi, manager of Al Shamal Secondary School for Boys, said intensive training will be maintained from the first day after the holidays to prepare students for the final year exams, which are set to be held in June. Accordingly, it is very important that students come to school regularly so they would benefit from such training and revision lessons, and be ready for the exams. He said the school has always been keen to urge students to study hard and to avoid wasting their time.

Fahd al-Shamari, manager of Rawdat Rashid Primary-Preparatory School for Boys, said parents play a key role in helping their children regulate the timing of their sleep and in waking up. He said they should also monitor their daily routine and guide them into proper practices to study well. He also stressed the need to be very careful for the next few weeks and to avoid skipping classes as the school year is set to end soon.

Yousef al-Jassim, manager of Tariq bin Ziyyad Secondary School for Boys, said the school will go back to pre-Ramadan timings and classes. He pointed out that parents should help their children to come early to school, and to bring their instruments and textbooks to make the most of the last few weeks of the school year. He said that it needs some determination on the part of students to motivate themselves and to resume studies actively after the more than 10-day break.
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