beIN Media Group to introduce wide range of programmes for children during Ramadan
April 10 2021 11:19 PM
The lineup on Jeem TV and Baraem channel includes a series of diverse programmes and cultural and hi
The lineup on Jeem TV and Baraem channel includes a series of diverse programmes and cultural and historical shows.

beIN Media Group has unveiled its set of educational and entertainment programmes for children during the holy month of Ramadan on its Jeem TV and Baraem channel.
The lineup includes a series of diverse programmes and cultural and historical shows that will be broadcast round the clock to suit the ages and tastes of all viewers. It is a mix of cultural drama that entrenches human and Islamic values and a variety of international animations that strengthen children’s attachment to their Arab and Islamic identity, according to a press statement.

Tijan Annour, the international Qur’an recitation competition sponsored by the General Administration of Endowments at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, will return to Jeem TV this year during the holy month. Now in its ninth edition, the competition will feature reciters from various countries.
The Young Muezzin competition will be held on the sidelines of Tijan Annour. The jury consists of a group of recitation scholars known for their knowledge and extensive experience as judges in international Qur’an recitation competitions.
Ramadan programmes on Jeem TV this year include 'Winners', which will be broadcast live daily at 4pm (Makkah time). Host Marwa Khamis presents a series of competitions and games, the winners of which receive prizes. A weekly question is also asked on social media platforms where followers will have to name the chapter of the Qur'an from which a given verse is taken and the number of the verse.
Jeem TV programming also includes 'The Journey', a 3D graphic animation series suitable for all family members in general and children in particular. The series links reality and fiction in terms of space and time to teach ethics through Hadith, explained in a simple and useful way. The programme will be broadcast daily during the month of Ramadan at 5pm (Makkah time).
The third season of 'Habib Allah', which cites the most important events in the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) journey and how his message constituted an important transformation in human history, will also be aired during Ramadan. Presented in an appealing style, the series attracts children and teaches them the unique characteristics of Prophet Muhammad. It will be presented daily at 5.45pm (Makkah time).
Jeem TV has also announced a new public competition for television reporting under the name 'Jeem Correspondents'. It gives every child the opportunity to become a distinguished reporter by covering events and activities in his or her country, reporting on his or her own artistic and creative skills, or introducing charity Iftar tables and popular dishes from his or her country, speaking in standard Arabic.
Prizes have been allocated every week for the best reports, with the first prize being QR1,000, the second QR700 and the third QR500.
Meanwhile, Baraem channel will offer various edutainment programmes that help children develop their skills and abilities to learn, prepare them for the early stages of study, and promote their awareness of their surroundings.
One such programme is 'Learn', in which a drawing is presented to give the young child a simple religious piece of information. In the 'Fikra' programme, a child does some manual work and host Iman imitates him, creating some challenges that encourage the child to innovate and lead.
Children will also enjoy exciting excursions and adventures through the documentary 'Fafa in the Jungle', which tours the African jungles and closely watches the animals that live there to give valuable information about each animal. The 'Fafa' programme offers children a variety of activities daily in a purposeful entertainment framework.
Baraem will also present the interactive entertainment programme, 'Tela Tula', which includes songs, games and a mental activity at the end of each episode.
In the evening, storyteller Ibrahim al-Bishri presents 'Nam el Qamar', a variety of spoken stories that prepare children to sleep and develop their imagination.
The free broadcast of Jeem TV starts at 2pm and ends at 5pm, and the free broadcast of Baraem channel starts at 12noon and ends at 3pm (Makkah time).

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