Qatar University (QU) has launched the Spring 2021 Honours Programme's new study plan in response to global challenges and for the realisation of excellence and innovation values in the institution.
The Honours Programme, established in 2009, became a member of the National Collegiate Honours Council in the US making QU the only Arab university to gain membership.
The Honours Programme aims to attract highly motivated and academically inquisitive students who are looking to learn, innovate and master contemporary skills. It also aims to provide a distinct qualitative curriculum in accordance with the principles of international honours programmes curricula.
The new study plan features eight modules that offer flexible and practical applications such as design thinking, entrepreneurship and leadership in an era of variables and professors experiences in interdisciplinary research methodologies.
These courses are offered in Arabic and English.
QU offers this programme free to students in addition to linking them with specialised institutions and entities that provide training opportunities and prequalify them for societal innovation and community development
Only 100 students have been selected out of about 600 candidates who showed high interest in joining the programme. It stipulates that students who are enrolled in the programme and plan to benefit from its respective opportunities, must still need to study six academic semesters before graduation. In addition, candidate students must have obtained an average of 90% or higher in their high school certificates if s/he is newly enroled in the university or an accumulative GPA of 3.3 if she/he is enroled and has an academic grade record.
This is a unique opportunity for high school students once admitted to QU to achieve their ambitions even if they are not admitted to the college of their first choice. The launch of the programme this semester also witnessed partnerships and cooperation from various parties.
The Qatar Career Development Centre offers a programme to manage professional awareness and enhance their financial and professional culture. In addition, there is another partnership with Innovation Café, the Qatari Women Association, Itlaq Business Management Company, and the Tarbeya Centre for launching a series of excellence meetings with entrepreneurs of Qatar’s community, broadcast live on Instagram.
Dean of General Studies, Dr Ibrahim al-Kaabi, stated that QU expects much from this programme in terms of graduating an elite line of students who are highly equipped with the skills of the 21st century.
Dr Abd Rabbo Suleiman, director of the Honours Programme at QU, stated that the new plan is part of a grand initiative the university is witnessing towards transformation in higher education in Qatar. The new plan comes within QU’s quest towards excellence in education, and to be regionally recognised as the provider of learner-centred transformative education, based on practical application, scientific research, a system of competencies, enhanced by digitisation, and supportive of leadership.
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