Sales of luggage accessories see slight increase on travel hopes
March 05 2021 09:54 PM
Luggage of varying colours and design on display at LuLu stores.
Luggage of varying colours and design on display at LuLu stores.

A number of retail outlets in Doha are witnessing a slight increase in the demand for travel accessories since January, expressing optimism that many people will see easing of Covid-19 restrictions and quarantines in various destinations. Speaking to Gulf Times, LuLu Group International regional manager Shanavas PM said that sales of luggage and other travel items in several stores have improved in the past two months.
He hopes that the trend would continue in the coming months as many residents maybe planning to take long vacations once situations across the globe further improve. Shanavas said that they also expect the demand for other categories including beauty products and fashion accessories, to increase since residents who will travel to their home countries tend to take these items as gifts for their loved ones.
While anticipating this demand surge, he stressed that they continue to implement strict Covid-19 precautionary measures by limiting the number of people within LuLu stores, in addition to mandatory wearing of face masks and social distancing, to ensure the safety of shoppers and visitors. Different kinds of luggage and travel accessories – of various brands, designs, and colours, still occupy a huge area at several retail outlets, especially at LuLu stores, across Qatar, giving customers a wide range of options.
An employee of a popular boutique at a major mall in Doha also said they have been receiving “a good response from new and regular customers” last month and in the first few days of March. “Things are still slow but at least we see many of our avid customers who seemed to have been vaccinated started visiting our shop again. It’s a good sign and we hope to see more shoppers in the coming days,” he said.
The employee added that they expect to see an uptrend in sales since patrons of their brand usually like to upgrade and buy new models for their next travel. About recovery from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, he pointed out that renowned brands have already established names for themselves and could rebound easily once the situation improves.
“We are very optimistic that the situation will return to normal, people will always follow the trends and continue to travel. I just hope that we do have enough stocks to offer when customers come to our stores, looking for their preferred items,” he added.

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