QDB launches Factory One to empower SMEs
February 27 2021 01:28 PM
QDB launches Factory One to drive local manufacturing capabilities
Factory One is the first-of-its-kind industrial capability centre based out of Qatar


* Mission to develop, enable and transform manufacturing units
Qatar Development Bank (QDB) has announced the launch of the region’s first model factory concept, Factory One, which is located on the Qatar Business Incubation Centre campus and aims to enable small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in achieving operational excellence.
Factory One is the first-of-its-kind industrial capability centre based out of Qatar, established in collaboration with McKinsey & Company to bring world-class experience in lean operations to power local manufacturing industries, QDB said in a statement.
A broad spectrum of capability-building and SME transformation programmes will be delivered at the centre, offering local manufacturers the opportunity to advance their efficiency, innovation and competitive advantage.
The launch of the model factory coincides with positive market trends exhibiting exponential growth in local industries. Over the last three years, Qatar’s focus on self-sufficiency and economic diversification has led to an overall 17% increase in factories across a variety of sectors, the statement notes.
As the focus of the economy shifts towards higher technology industries and digital transformations, Factory One steps in as the primary centre of lean and digital manufacturing training to boost operations for SMEs.
Commenting on the launch of Factory One, Abdulaziz bin Nasser al-Khalifa, CEO of QDB, said: “Qatar is among the fastest-growing global economies in the world. The emergence of new industries, factories and enterprises demonstrates the vast potential that underpins our comprehensive economic development. Factory One enters the scene to support these industries tap into their full potential by taking them to the next stage of production.
"Here, our motto is to achieve more by doing less. By fully integrating the principles of sustainable development, we offer our local manufacturers new prospects to transform and achieve operational excellence using less inventory and with less wastage. Through Factory One’s revolutionary model, we hope to boost the capabilities of our local industries, the expansion of our markets and the diversification of the economy.”
Currently, Factory One offers four trainings and programmes ranging in scope from Introduction to Lean to Learn and Transform Programme - a hands-on training programme on implementing these concepts on the ground. Manufacturing SMEs can select the specific training programme with the added benefit of requesting programmes be tailored to their specific needs.
Remote trainings are also offered, extending training opportunities to participants who are unable to physically travel to the facility.
The programmes aim to benefit an array of manufacturing SMEs, from startups to established factories that are looking to transform their industrial processes. More can be discovered on Factory One’s website, www.factoryone.qa.
"With enormous potential to power manufacturing SMEs in the region, Factory One is the latest in a string of initiatives under the belt of QDB, which is at the frontline of supporting Qatari SMEs, startups and the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs across numerous sectors. Carrying a rich legacy, Qatar Development Bank remains a key player in the economic development of the country and instrumental in driving growth in diverse sectors of the economy centre to the sustainable development goals under Qatar National Vision 2030," the statement adds.

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