WOLF - the renowned German makers of watch winders, watches and storage boxes - is celebrating its 190th anniversary at the ongoing Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition 2024.
Making its debut is Silver box, a tribute to founder Philipp Wolf I's original creations and a major attraction at the WOLF booth, part of Fifty One East pavilion.
Marking WOLF's 190th anniversary, the silver-plated box has an engine-turned pattern, a LusterLoc treated deep blue ultrasuede interior and customisable removable inserts for watches, jewellery, and other valuables.
A standout this year is the bespoke Churchill safe, tailored by WOLF artisans to the buyer's preferences in leather, hardware colour, and interior configurations. After being showcased at DJWE, the unique creation will be moved to Fifty One East for a 6-month display.
The Silver box is inspired by the original silver boxes Philipp Wolf I crafted in his workshop in Hanau, Germany. The most beautiful box for the dresser or coffee table, featuring multiple inserts for the precious items. From watches and jewellery to cufflinks or pens, it is the perfect way to protect the legacies. It is silver plated with engine-turned exterior pattern and beautiful hidden piano hinged lid. It features multiple option jewellery or watch trays which can also be completely removed to use simply as a box.
“To say that I am proud of what we, as a company, have achieved would be a big understatement. The business has continued for five generations, 190 years, with many ups and downs, but always with a singular vision of making great product and taking care of the people who work in the company. I am humbled by how hard they work and care, it is an honour to work with such dedicated people. The future looks very exciting...here’s to the next 190 years,” said, Simon Wolf, CEO, WOLF.
For safeguarding the most precious belongings, WOLF stands as the most intelligent choice. While conventional safes merely shield the possessions, a WOLF safe or cabinet goes beyond, ensuring that the watches are not just secure but impeccably wound and ready to wear using patented watch winders, individually set and controlled by WOLF’s bluetooth app, which count turns per day, unlike others which merely estimate rotations using time. WOLF’s curated collection of safes and cabinets, meticulously designed to cater to the discerning individual, offer the choice of size, finish and interior configurations for the watches, jewellery and valuables.
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