Painting the town with portraits
February 19 2021 08:20 PM
Artist Faisal Kuppayi, top centre, and his art pieces.

An Indian artist is attracting the attention in town for his sheer ability and versatility in painting portraits.
Faisal Kuppayi, a Doha-based Indian creative artist can be seen in his studio in B-Ring Road painting portraits of people- that too in minutes. He has painted the portraits of hundreds of nationals and expatriates since the last two years of his stint in Doha.
Kuppayi’s passion for fine arts originated at a very young age, in his hometown of Nilambur in Malappuram district of south India. He began his artistic journey as a hobby and later realised the potential of portraits, photography and adopted it as his profession.
Hyder Chungathara, a Doha-based community leader was responsible for bringing him to Qatar. On the very second day of his arrival in Qatar, Kuppayi entertained a gathering with a melodious song at a gathering of an expatriate association. Seeing his immense talent in singing and drawing, Abdurahiman, an art lover and a jeweller, helped him set up an independent studio and since then there was no looking back for Kuppayi who is now busy drawing portraits and conducting musical programmes.
Kuppayi’s primary passion is in painting portraits of people. He enjoys the challenge of capturing the personality of a person in a single painting, sketch or a frame. Since his early years, he has had great fascination with faces. It is easily evident in his works, the depth and uniqueness of the expressions his subjects carry. He aspires to excel in capturing people's emotion into his paintings and continues painting things that are close to his heart.
Gestural Abstraction- also known as Action Painting is another area of his interest. He believes that action painting in which paint is spontaneously dribbled or splashed or smeared on to the canvas can make wonderful impressions and effects.
With great support and overwhelming patronage he has received from the community for his paintings and portraits, he is now exploring opportunities to enter the vast world of Arabian art. His painting work on the Qatar National Sport Day was a commendable piece of artwork which was appreciated by nationals and expatriates.

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