* Katara is also showcasing the works of 21 Qatari and Arab artists in its first solo exhibition titled 'Twenty One'

A number of exhibitions at Katara – the Cultural Village provide an opportunity for art enthusiasts to explore unique and compelling pieces by Qatari and Doha-based artists – in particular the works of Syrian artist Salah Eddin al-Bizri.

At Katara’s Building 18, Gallery 2, al-Bizri portrays the old Damascene architecture with his 15 paintings on display at his first solo exhibition titled Damascus, Levant, which opened on January 17 and will conclude on January 29.

“The paintings, done in Acrylic and oil on canvas, reflect the nature of the architectural buildings and monuments of the old city of Damascus where I was raised,” the artist, who is also a biomedical engineer, told Gulf Times.

“I feel sympathetic to the environment where I was raised. I’m missing my country now because of the situation there.

A painting by al-Bizri portrays an alley, which reflects windows and balconies of the old and spacious houses in Damascus.

One of the Twenty One artists prefers to create an installation.


“If I’m not there, let my country be with me, so I try to show my friends that everybody can come to see the nature of the old city of Damascus,” al-Bizri said.

Damascus – described as one of the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in the world – has a rich history and heritage.

The Twenty One exhibition highlights a compelling piece by Thamer al-Dossari.



Al-Bizri said the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, which prompted many residents to stay at home during its onslaught from March 2020, gave him the drive to paint and continue his passion.

His paintings highlight some of the “charming alleys, architectural monuments in the ancient Levant, windows front alleys and traditional buildings such as Bab Al-Salam and Khan Pasha”.

A unique depiction of Omar al-Shahabi’s work.


He explained that one of his paintings depicts an alley which reflects the windows and the balconies of the old and spacious houses, while another artwork represents “a door in one of the Shamyia alleys”.

Al-Bizri thanked Katara for giving him the chance to showcase his works.

He described the cultural village as “art treasure of Doha” since it hosts a wide range of art and cultural events, exhibitions, and activities.


Hassan Manasrah’s work on display at the Twenty One exhibition


Katara is also showcasing the works of 21 Qatari and Arab artists in its first solo exhibition titled *Twenty One at Building 19, halls 1 and 2.

Opened on January 13, it will conclude on January 30.

The artists are Nadya al-Qawbari, Thamer al-Dossari, Ali al-Mulla, Omar al-Shahabi, Fatma al-Sharshani, Sumam Ismael Azzam, Hassan Manasrah, Nour Elhadi, Ameera al-Aji, Ahmad Nooh, Eman al-Sulaiti, Huda Basahal, Maryam al-Maadhadi, Hassan al-Salat, Thamer al-Dossari, Yasser al-Mulla, Hazim al-Hussain, Mubarak al-Malik, Noor al-Shammari, Ahood al-Dafa, and Amira Radhi.

Katara held a 10-day workshop leading to the 18-day exhibition, which showcased the artists’ creativity and deep understanding of the subject they chose for their artworks.

Meanwhile, the closing ceremony of the “Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) Paints of Hope During Covid-19” competition, organised by Visual Art Centre, was also held at Katara recently.


The competition featured several works that highlighted the efforts of the QRCS in helping different countries amid the pandemic, and awarded five winners out of the dozens of submissions.

In hosting these exhibitions and events, Katara is continuously implementing Covid-19 precautionary measures to ensure the safety of visitors and staff.

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