Efficiency of A350s and B787s seen in emission reduction: Al-Baker
January 17 2021 08:06 PM
CEO of Qatar Airways Group Akbar al-Baker
"Qatar Airways will serve all the routes we had launched after the blockade and what we had launched before the Covid restrictions happened,” says al-Baker.

Qatar Airways, which is “investing strategically” in sustainable twin-engine aircraft helping to reduce the environmental impact of flying, has seen the efficiency of A350s and B787s, when it comes to emissions, Group Chief Executive HE Akbar al-Baker has said.
During an interview at the recent ‘CAPA Live’, al-Baker said, “The A350s and B787s are very efficient aircraft when it comes to emissions, especially with the A350-1000, which exceeded our expectations with its efficiency that it is producing today.”
“Post-Covid, we will look at which routes we will reintroduce earlier than the other; Qatar Airways will serve all the routes we had launched after the blockade and what we had launched before the Covid restrictions happened.”
In reply to another question, al-Baker said, “Today, we are very close with American Airlines, we are now going to expand our partnerships with other carriers – Air Canada is an example. In our industry, we are not adversaries; but we are part of a larger aviation family and we can contribute to each other’s bottom line.”
At the same event, al-Baker said Qatar Airways will operate half of its fleet of ten Airbus A380 jets once they return to service.
The national carrier grounded its superjumbos last year after the coronavirus pandemic led to a collapse in global travel demand.
"The 380 is, I think, one of the worst aircraft when it comes to emissions that is flying today. This is why we have decided that we will not operate them for the foreseeable future and even when we operate them we will only operate half the numbers we have," al-Baker told the online CAPA forum.
Qatar Airways’ fuel optimisation initiatives have helped the national airline to work towards improved efficiency and carbon reduction in addition to its investments in the most advanced aircraft technology.
The national carrier has aligned with the international aviation industry’s climate change goals.
With a young fleet of fuel efficient aircraft, including the Airbus A350 and the Boeing 787, Qatar Airways continues to offer passengers a sustainable solution for their travel, according to the airline’s Annual Report Fiscal 2020.

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