More than 300 bikers took part in the ‘Thank You Kuwait’ motorbike parade Friday aimed at recognising the GCC country’s vital role in ending the Gulf crisis.
The event forms part of the three-day Qatar Custom Show (QCS) 2021 organised by Soul Riders Motorcycles Club, which kicked off on January 14 at the Qatar Racing Club (QRC).
“Today we have a gathering of bikers with one message – ‘Thank you to Kuwait’ – for all their support. We are very happy, all bikers are very happy today, we come as one again, and you know that we are one community, we always like to stay with each other,” QCS founder and organiser Khalid al-Hammadi told Gulf Times.
The parade brought together bikers and enthusiasts from various organisations, kicking off from the Qatar Sports Club and passed through the Doha Corniche, airport road, Mesaimeer, and concluded at QRC.

 “The participants come from different groups in the country, not only Soul Rider members and Qataris, we have nationals of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Jordan, Lebanon, and all other communities, every single biker you will see them here,” al-Hammadi said.
The parade also witnessed a display of a wide range of customised motorbikes, including slingshots and other three-wheeled motor-vehicles, which carry the flags of Qatar and Kuwait.
Al-Hammadi said he hopes to see more bikers from neighbouring GCC states coming to Qatar in the near future, especially in 2022 when the FIFA World Club takes place in Doha.
He cited the huge turnout of participants and visitors at QCS saying that people “are very happy to see and welcome each other” in a safe way, adhering to health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).
The three-day event, which will conclude Saturday, provides an opportunity for custom car and motorbike owners to showcase their creativity, and a chance to win in the competition.
Besides featuring hundreds of customised cars, trucks, and motorbikes, al-Hammadi said QCS hosts a lot of activities and competitions for participating bikers, as well as for the public.
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