Stunt driving activities begin at Sealine
January 09 2021 11:50 PM
Stunt driving activities begin at Sealine
Stunt driving activities begin at Sealine. PICTURE: Shemeer Rasheed


The activities of the seventh round of the current season of stunt driving at the Sealine area was launched on Friday with the participation of 28 amateur motorists who have been keen to exercise their stunt driving skills while abiding by necessary safety and security procedures.

According to local Arabic daily Arrayah, the event is organised by Mawater Center ensuring the safety and security of all the participants and audience as well under well-regulated conditions that guarantee their wellbeing and a quick response in case of any mishap.

Ahmed Mohamed, an organiser of the event from Mawater Center, pointed out that the stunt driving activities, organised by the Center, has begun to attract all family members who have become keen on watching such adventures, after it was only limited to the young people's category. This development in the popularity of the event has come due to the increasing confidence of the people about the safety and security of the practices, which have been achieved thanks to the active participation and presence of the Traffic Department, the Civil Defence, and Hamad Medical Corporation besides other related entities who are ensuring the safety and security.

In the meantime, he advised young people to avoid the unregulated and unsupervised stunt driving practices due to the various risks involved and the lack of necessary measures and procedures for safety. He stressed that Mawater Center gives young people the ability to apply their hobbies in this regard within a safe and well-regulated environment where all the necessary preparations and precautions are taken care. Besides, registration for taking part is very simple, with easy requirements such as the safety of the vehicle, its tyres, and the presence of a valid fire extinguisher one day before the actual event.

Saad al-Bakir, an organiser of the event at Mawater, said that the participants have expressed their satisfaction and happiness at being part of the event and expressed their wish for participation in the future. In addition, a large parking space was allocated to the public, who are keen to follow the weekly event. Their numbers also increasing each week, as they see the highest standards of safety being followed.

A good number of the audience also expressed their happiness at having the opportunity to see first-hand such interesting skills and practices with safety measures.

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