The virtual art exhibition “Directions” continues on the platforms of Katara – the Cultural Village, in co-operation with the Hessa Art House, until December 15, featuring the works of 11 artists.
“Directions” is among the creative responses of artists to confront the Covid-19 pandemic, as the various artworks present a set of expressive directions for a group of distinguished Arab artists believing in the victory of creativity, strength and positivity over the impact of this global public health crisis.
Participating artists – Hanadi al-Darwish (Qatar), Samir Ben Gouia (Tunisia), Amnah Ali al-Nasiri (Yemen), Mohamed al-Aamiri (Jordan), Moosa Omar (Oman), Raouf al-Rifai (Lebanon), Rashid Diab (Sudan), Thuraya al-Baqsami (Kuwait), Omar al-Shahabi (Iraq), Bashar al-Hroub (Palestine), and Abdullah al-Haitout (Morocco) – felt the community's need for the hope and strength they spread to resist this pandemic. The exhibition came as an idea of al-Darwish, who is also supervising.
“They are artistic expressions with a diversified dimension in the essence of beauty and its necessities in our daily life. The exhibition highlights the concept that artwork is not only something beautiful that fascinates us and stirs up feelings and emotions, but it is a stubborn act of resistance that helps us to go on in our life and sends us messages of hope for a future we all await in a time of despair due to a pandemic that swept the globe,” al-Aamiri said.
Katara held several virtual exhibitions of Qatari and resident artists since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, including “Clash of Cultures" by Hassan Talib al-Silat, “The Land of the Good” by Ali Dasmal al-Kuwari, and “The Result” by Fine-art artist Fatima al-Nuaimi, “The Colors of the Desert” by a group of artists and "Women in Fashion" by Indian artist Sorhoby.
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