Katara virtual painting exhibition portrays triumph over pandemic
December 02 2020 10:31 PM
“Painting the New Normal” virtual exhibition features the works of 30 Filipino expatriates in Doha.
“Painting the New Normal” virtual exhibition features the works of 30 Filipino expatriates in Doha.

A virtual exhibition, which will run until December 31, is featuring 30 works by Filipino artists in Qatar via the Katara – the Cultural Village website.
“Painting the New Normal,” is a joint project of the Philippine embassy in Doha, Katara, and Sentro-Rizal under the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.
The artworks depict “different visual expressions and interpretations on the challenges faced at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and the triumph of the human spirit in overcoming this global health crisis, through unity and resilience.”

“The virtual exhibit hopes to lift up the spirit and boost the morale of the viewing public – especially those have been adversely affected by the pandemic – through positive messaging that each artwork convey,” organisers said.
“This exhibit is a humble tribute of the Philippine embassy to Qatar Government in recognition of its important role and efforts in successfully managing the spread of the coronavirus in the country; and to all medical front liners in Qatar for braving the odds to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents in Qatar despite personal risks.”
One of the paintings, titled “Today’s Sacrifice for a New, Better Normal”, highlights the resiliency and dedication of Filipino frontliners who continue to provide services to compatriots and contribute to the Philippine economy as well.
“The pandemic may have affected us negatively, but as a Filipino we shall be standing strong like a tree to heal, to serve and to sacrifice for a new, better normal. The Covid-19 pandemic does not only affect every one of us but also our beloved environment.
“The longingness of our family brought us an opportunity to create, to learn, to adjust and to commit a shared sense of responsibility for a long-term care for each other and for our environment. Filipinos are the symbol of resilient and determination. We hope, we stand, and we fight to overcome not only this pandemic but in every obstacle that will come in our ways, because we believe and we have faith that a brighter tomorrow will be coming again,” the artist said.
Another painting, titled “Hope Amidst Adversity”, portrays human resiliency and survival despite the many threats and challenges such as natural calamities, war, and the pandemic, among others, the world is facing today.
The painting is “a contemporary portrait of two sides of the human spirit; one side shows human vulnerability to outside elements and the fragility of life, while the other side show’s man’s strength against all threats of existence which is powered by hope and love,” the artist said.
The embassy is inviting Filipino community and the general public to view the exhibition at the Katara website.

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