The Mexican embassy in Doha is keen to further strengthen bilateral relations with Qatar in the area of culture and arts as it considers organising online activities amid the coronavirus pandemic, ambassador Graciela Gomez Garcia has said.
“We are planning a lot of activities online that will probably allow these kinds of (authentic Mexican) performances here, even if for the time-being, it is not possible to bring actual performances,” the envoy told *Gulf Times during her visit at the Melody of Art exhibition, held at the Katara Art Centre.
The show featured the works of Doha-based Mexican artist and photographer Juan Miguel Ramirez, aka “Icaro”, which depict the deep-rooted links between Arabic and Mexican cultures.
“Art and culture is one of the most important areas for all of us. For me, diplomacy takes place in many areas, we are committed to keep working on the top political arena on the economy, trade and investment but the big area has to do with connecting people,” she said. “And for that, art, culture, music, gastronomy are much better tools.”
She stressed that the Mexican embassy in Doha is committed to keep promoting Mexican artists, and also hopes to witness Qatari performances and exhibitions in her home country.
“We want performances of Mexico here … ideally we also would like to have some presence of authentic Qatari culture in Mexico,” she said.
“Next year we will have a big surprise about a very important piece that will be residing here in Katara. Sadly this year, because of Covid-19 we have to cut some of our projects,” the envoy added.
The Covid-19 respiratory disease is caused by the coronavirus.
A group of Mexican performers presented folk dances from different parts of Mexico earlier this year, enthralling the audience at the 4th Cultural Diversity Festival, held at the Katara – the Cultural Village.
Garcia lauded Katara for hosting and organising a diverse range of cultural events and activities, including musical performances and food festivals, among others.
“Katara is my second home ever since I arrived; I have to say it is my favourite place in Doha,” she said. “I have never seen a concept like this in such compact space, that brings together high culture.”
“I am passionate about music,” the envoy added. “Before Covid, every Saturday you would find me here at Katara, at the Opera House, to listen to the orchestra programmes.”
“At the same time, this is a place where families come to stroll, it is a melting pot of cultures, it is a meeting space, it is an area that makes you feel close and approachable and all these in a beautiful traditional Qatari architecture setting,” the envoy added. “I love the place, this gallery is absolutely stunning, I always discover something new at Katara.”
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