To support the country for the successful conduct of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and beyond, Qatar Innovations Mobility Centre (Qmic) is supercharging its services and products, starting with the relaunch of its intelligent mobility platform, Wain, next month.
“We are going to re-release our Wain platform in a completely different look and feel. It will be launched with lot more data and capabilities. It will be a super Wain, a super application by enhancing it with four or five more key capabilities. It will be launched in early December,” Dr Adnan Abu-Dayya, executive director and CEO of Qmic told Gulf Times.
Qmic, the first startup in Qatar, has significant assets and expertise of services to be made use to support FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and beyond, he noted.
“We have a roadmap to provide our services for the World Cup in 2022 and beyond. Our expertise is in intelligent mobility and Smart Cities and we are focusing more on them to provide better services. For this we have developed a new strategy named ECO (Enhance, Customise and Optimise). With this, we are planning to make use of our services to support the World Cup and thereby benefitting the country,” said Dr Abu-Dayya.
With two years to go for the World Cup to be played in Qatar, Dr Abu-Dayya feels that Qmic has significant assets and time to enhance the services and customise them further. He hopes that by the time of the World Cup, the organisation will be able to optimise them to the most, giving the best user experience and efficient services.
“We are not interested to start anything new now as we have significant assets and expertise already. All the core applications will be enabled further. We need to deliver a richer experience so that people can use it more and more. As for Wain, we have a big strategy to take it to the second generation and to the third and fourth within a year or two and the first step will be done by early December. It will have several new features and we have been working on it for the last five to six months,” said the Qmic CEO.
Regarding the traffic management in the country, he said that Qmic has a platform all across the country to collect data. “We have the only traffic platform in the country and currently, we collect about 20mn data records and process them. We plan to double or triple it in the next two to three months. The more data we get, we will be able to provide better quality as well as more accuracy about the whole system. We have a plan to supercharge the traffic platform with more data collection capability using artificial intelligence,” he said.
Dr Abu-Dayya also highlighted Qmic’s cloud management system and its capabilities will undergo changes in the coming months. “We have our own road sensors and we are evolving these sensors from second generation to third and transforming it to fourth generation next year. We are in the piloting stage for the fourth generation sensors,” he said.
According to the official, the connected and automated mobility is another expertise area of Qmic that will look into autonomous mobility by digitising the infrastructure. “This is an area, we are working hard on for some time and we have already completed a good part of it. We have significant assets and experience in these areas and we will supercharge them to take them to the next level,” he said.
As for the Smart Cities initiative, Dr Abu-Dayya said that the programme is progressing well. “We have deployed the third generation programme and employed it in several companies in the oil and gas sector. We are in discussion with entities in the key strategic sector in the country. Another programme is the Smart Intersections that helps to understand what is happening in the intersections with more images, videos and other supporting factors,” he added.
Qmic, located in Qatar Science and Technology Park, is the first independent innovations centre in the region with a focus on developing and deploying smart mobility systems.
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